Women Are More Exposed To Cannabis Addiction Than Men, A New Study Revealed

Women Are More Exposed To Cannabis Addiction Than Men, A New Study Revealed

The debates on differences between men and women are endless, as both sexes are always comparing in sports, in professions, in education, and even regarding cannabis consumption. A new Italian study shows that women are more likely to be addicted to cannabis than men.

That is the conclusion of new research carried out by the Italian National Research Council which also said that, even though men are more likely to try drugs during their lifetime and also that they are larger consumers of cannabis than women, the latter are more exposed to cannabis addiction than men.

According to the research, the estrogen, the female sex hormone, is behind this situation because it turns out that, due to estrogen, women are biologically more sensitive to the effects of drugs, in general.

“Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world,” says Dr. Liana Fattore, the author of the study.

Women are more exposed to cannabis addiction than men, a new study revealed

Cannabis is gradually becoming legal in many parts of the world, and even the scientists are beginning to admit the virtues of this plant, historically used for its pain-relief anti-inflammatory effects. Besides, cannabis’ benefits against tumors, among other disorders, prompted several governments around the world to accept its use for medicinal purposes.

“Animal studies suggest that endogenous mechanisms [produced by the body itself, such as estrogen] are responsible for sensitivity to cannabinoids. In rats, the female hormone estradiol affects movement control, social behavior, and the filtration of sensory information in the brain – aspects linked to drug use – by modulating the endocannabinoid system. In turn, this system influences estradiol production,” says Dr. Fattore.

On the other hand, it should be noted that only 10% of consumers become really addicted to cannabis, especially those who start in their youth.


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