What Real Pajamas Can Do for Your Health and Nightly Sleep Regimen

What Real Pajamas Can Do for Your Health and Nightly Sleep Regimen

It’s no secret that a balanced sleep routine does wonders for one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. From your childhood to your adult years, you’ve probably heard time and time again that it’s good for you to get a full night’s sleep. But as you grow older, you may notice that things like your mood, the weather, and your pre-bedtime habits make it harder to snooze right away. In order to start sleeping at the right time, and thus achieve uninterrupted sleep, you have to actively guide your body into “sleep mode.” That includes things like avoiding caffeine late in the day, brushing your teeth, turning the lights off, and of course, changing into more comfortable clothes.

This brings us to the idea of what constitutes good sleepwear for women. Do you need to wear real pajamas to bed? Wouldn’t your tattered old gym shirt and loose jogging pants suffice? Although you do have the option of wearing anything other than your day clothes to bed, wearing real pajamas is actually healthier and more conducive to restful sleep. Once you start wearing real sleepwear to bed, you may notice the difference in the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your mood and energy levels the next day. Here are five things that a great set of sleepwear can do for your health and sleep hygiene, and why you should choose a great pair for your nightly shut-eye.

They Can Ease Your Body into a Healthy Sleeping Routine

When you take a shower and dress up in your office clothes in the morning, you give your body physical and subconscious cues that it’s time to get some work done. The same logic should apply for your nightly sleep routine. You need a specific set of clothes to cue your body into rest mode and prepare it for a good night’s sleep. A real set of pajamas, made out of comfortable material and designed to fit your body, will serve as a better cue for bedtime than your old clothes.

They Can Uplift Your Mood and Relax You for Bedtime

Clothes have strong emotional associations, too. For example, changing into exercise attire for your daily gym workout or outdoor jog can send a surge of adrenaline through your body. You’ll feel pumped up and emotionally ready to check off on your fitness goals. Real pajamas will set the mood for the rest of the night in just about the same way as that. Wearing comfy fabric with your favorite designs will make you feel relaxed and at ease with yourself. This is a great emotional disposition to fall asleep in and will ensure that you wake up cheerful the next day.

They Can Regulate Your Body Temperature for Maximum Comfort

Sometimes, the weather is the main culprit when it comes to successive nights of bad sleep. In the summer, the heat may distract you from getting some good shut-eye. In the winter, the cold may keep you up for hours, and you’ll wake up groggy and uncomfortable. A good set of pajamas can give you extra comfort when the weather gets in the way of your sleep routine. You can buy a pair that’s made with breathable fabric, or you can even get a pair that has additional temperature-regulating qualities.

They Make It Easier to Get into a Comfortable Sleeping Position

Position is also a factor in getting a good night’s sleep. You’ll only be able to doze off once you’ve found the right sleeping position, and sometimes, that takes a little shuffling around. The ideal set of pajamas will accommodate this movement and not constrict your arms or legs. Your pajama top and bottom should also stay snugly, but securely on your body every time you turn or kick around. 

They Help You Maintain Good Skin Hygiene

It may be a little strange to think about, but every night, your body sheds skin and regenerates skin cells while you’re asleep. If you’re not wearing enough clothing, or if your clothing doesn’t fit well, there’s more room for bacteria to transfer from your sheets to your skin. This isn’t dangerous to you per se, but you may wake up with an unpleasant itch the next morning. A set of real pajamas will help you maintain your skin hygiene even while you’re sleeping, and it’ll prevent skin problems like rashes.


On top of the benefits listed above, you’ll have fun choosing and wearing pajamas. You can pick the designs you like best, rocking either a cutesy print or a classic, elegant pattern. You can also show off your personal style with your pajamas during sleepovers or out-of-town trips with your family or friends. One thing’s for sure—with a good set of real pajamas, you can look forward to bedtime and recharge in full for the next day!


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