Top Tips To Fix Your Curl Pattern

Top Tips To Fix Your Curl Pattern

Curls can look fantastic, but only if that’s the hairstyle you’ve chosen to adopt. The problem for many people, as much as 65% of women, is that they have natural curls and they want or need to tame them. Equally, plenty of women want to embrace their curls but are struggling to maintain the pattern.

The good news is that it is possible to tame your curls or fix the curl pattern, you just need to adopt the right approach!

Dedicated products

The first step is to take a look at the products you have chosen to use on your hair. If they aren’t working there is a good chance you are not using products designed to work with curls. Take a look at the products available near you and opt for something that is designed with curls in mind. You’ll find the purple shampoo range is the perfect starting point for most women, with or without curls.

Understand Your Hair Type

Before you pick a product you should take a look at your hair type. That means understanding the porosity of your hair and its density.

Porosity is a measure of how good your hair is at absorbing and retaining moisture. The density of your hair refers to how many hairs you have in a given area of your head. However, you should note that denser hair is often finer and, therefore, more likely to break.

Identifying your hair type and porosity is critical to ensuring you have chosen the right products to fix your curl pattern.

Get A Routine

In general, it is not advisable to wash your hair every day as this strips essential oils and nutrients from your hair. However, it is a good idea to wash it 3-4 times a week. However, at least twice a week you will also find it beneficial to massage your scalp with essential oil. Peppermint is particularly effective but you can choose almost any oil, whichever one takes your fancy.

It’s best to massage your hair just before a shower and then rinse it out but don’t have the water set to a high temperature, this is likely to damage your hair and your curl pattern.

Towel Gently

Another top tip is not to rub your hair dry. The best approach is to use a microfiber towel and wrap it around your hair, allowing it to absorb excess moisture. You can squeeze the water out of the towel and repeat as often as necessary.

This is a good time to add a little curl enhancer. You may also find it beneficial to keep your hair up and in a claw clip until it’s at least half-dry. This can help to add volume to your curls.

Finally, a little texturizing cream can help to restore those curls. But, again, you need to use a quality product. That means taking your time choosing and not being afraid to discard products that aren’t working, even if you have not used it all.

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