Top 6 trends for summer makeup in 2017

Top 6 trends for summer makeup in 2017

With the arrival of the warm season, there are also trends in make-up, not just what to wear. This year’s emphasis was on natural beauty as well as on lipstick-provoking shades, which were found on the lips of the models presented in the big fashion houses.

For the spring and summer of this year, there is a lot of emphasis on the beach look. Is trendy for the skin to be lightly touched by sunshine, but with great care. It’s a brave and bold look, sexy and unobtrusive, the definition of hot makeup for this season.

Unpainted eyebrows
To our happiness this season we no longer need a pencil and tweezers for styling eyebrows. Only a special brush is enough to help arrange the yarn, and the result can be fixed with a colorless gel. The main reason is naturalness. Keep the natural shape of your eyebrows, especially if you have them thick and frequent. You can play with the direction of the hair growth, combing them up.

Crystal nails
Needs to be very delicate and feminine, adding a touch of elegance to makeup. The predominant colors are natural. The emphasis is on French manicure, pink palette and latte being on high search, as well as pearly colors. The colors of nail polish – light pink and nail polish – french latte perfectly adapt to the requirements of this season. In pure color and full coverage since the first application, it dries quickly and lasts for a long time.

Eye of feline
The ink lines do not shake, but they change unrecognizably. The extravagant ink lines of the latest presentations are true works of art, and eye makeup is done with the help of a black eyeliner.

Lips in bright, bright colors
On the other side of the naked makeup are promoted lipsticks in dark and intense shades: from black chocolate to marsal color, very popular this season as well.

Do not load your face with intense eye makeup. If you have decided to experiment and apply a dark lipstick on your lips then you will need to consider some aspects. Dark colors are very sensitive to defects, so choose quality lipsticks. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips before applying any color. It helps for long-lasting color resistance.

That radiant
If on the lips and the eyes is trendy with glittering and shining colors, when it comes to the skin is quite another story. It will be fresh, natural and luminous. Emphasis is also placed on the shiny skin obtained with illuminators, powders, shimmering creams and metal shades, but be careful not to add too many products.

Bright glasses
Bright, radiant colors are no longer used only for evening dresses, but can also be used for eyeliner decorations. In addition, the gloss also comes out of the eyelid. It now completes the corners of the eye, reaching up to the cheekbones. This makeup is very easy to make and is ideal for an evening out or going to a party.


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