Top 12 Breathing Exerciser Trainers On The Market

Top 12 Breathing Exerciser Trainers On The Market

Working out is undoubtedly good for our health, but there is one thing most people in today’s society forget when it comes to exercise. As you might know, the muscles are not the only part of your body you should be paying attention to – the lungs are also important as far as working out is regarded.
With that being said, if you are concerned about improving lung capacity and your respiratory health in general, you should try out a breathing exerciser trainer!
Just as you would any other part of your body, it is vital to also strengthen your lungs. After all, they ensure your survival every second.
But if you’ve never heard of this concept, it might sound unusual and confusing, which is why this article is here to help you out by letting you know all about this revolutionary product.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

As mentioned before, you can exercise your lungs by using a breathing trainer, but that might not be where the confusion ends because there are so many different ones on the market, all with their specific features, that it makes sense you have no idea what fits your personal needs.
Thankfully, we have compiled a list of some of the best devices to make it much easier of a process and to take out all the guesswork.
Naturally, breathing and doing it right is a part of working out, which is why training your lungs will help you in the gym as well!
Breathing exercisers increase your lung capacity and that will lead to you being able to work out for extended periods of time and harder than usual.
But that is not the only situation where you would benefit from using a breathing trainer.
It also comes in handy if you are currently a training or professional singer or if you have a certain respiratory disease.
As for how these products work, they are actually based on resistance when you try to breathe in, therefore, training your respiratory muscles.
Most of them feature levels of resistance, so you can just think of them as the usual gym equipment you can upgrade to as you become stronger.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Just start with a small resistance level and make your way up to higher levels as you train your lung capacity more and more.
Not to mention that deep breathing has many other benefits, such as helping with trauma, relieving anxiety and increasing body stamina.
Just be patient, pay attention to your breathing, and if you ever experience shortness of breath or find it really hard to breathe, make sure to contact a medical specialist.

The Breather Respiratory Muscle Trainer

The Breather Respiratory Muscle Trainer is an FDA approved Class I device that has been helping people improve their breathing for no less than three decades.
It is a really good choice for beginners since it includes an online customized video for training.
It targets a variety of customers including musicians and athletes but also average people who just wish to improve the quality and strength of their lungs and respiratory muscles.
Of course, it’s actually really useful with certain diseases as well, such as Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis and Asthma.
It features adjustable inspiratory and expiratory pressure settings and comes with a strong mouth seal that will prevent air leakage.
Just make sure you consult with a physician before using it, as you should in the case of all other devices on this list.


This is one of the highest quality products on the market and you can rest assured that it works since even navy seals use Expand-A-Lung for to train.
Furthermore, it is super compact, being able to fit in your pocket so that you can take it anywhere with you!
It features an adjustment dial as well, which allows you to change the levels of resistance depending on your own breathing.
The mouthpiece is made out of silicone and is super flexible and comfortable.
You can use this device to speed the recovery of your respiratory system after experiencing an illness but also just for an athletic reason.
It’s easy to use and quickly, either right before workouts, to expand your lung capacity, or at any other time to revitalize your body and increase your stamina, for instance, before leaving for work.
It has a wide range of resistance options, meaning that you can rely on this product whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been using breathing trainers for a long time.

Teleflex Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser

The Teleflex Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser is perfect for breathing therapy.
It has a pretty large volume measurement chamber and a really advanced low-breathing filter as well.
It features flow windows marked as “good,” “better” and “best” just so that you can keep track of your improvement every day.
It has an ergonomic design and is super compact, allowing you to take it anywhere.
There is also a built-in handle and a filter screen in the mouthpiece.

The Breather Fit

This device may look just like some sort of tory for a child but in reality, it is one of the best breathing trainers on the market!
This is due to the fact that it is really efficient and has 6 Inspiratory and 5 Expiratory resistance settings, meaning that no matter your level, you can still use this product.
And regardless of the extra resistance levels, this breather still manages to stay lightweight and sleek.

POWERbreathe Plus Resistance Breathing Exerciser Trainer

The POWERbreathe Plus Resistance Breathing Exerciser Trainer has improved airflow dynamics, and an antibacterial mouthpiece among other great features that you will certainly love.
However, unlike other products on this list, this is not really for everyone to use.
If you have a respiratory tract infection, sinusitis or even a cold or ruptured eardrum, it is not recommended you use this breather.
Just be careful and pay close attention to all the safety precautions and contraindications.
Other than that, the mouthpiece can be removed very easily for cleaning and is made with extra protection against bacteria.

Breathe Easy Lung Exerciser

The Breathe Easy Lung Exerciser is compact and portable and even comes with an Ebook that contains in depth instructions on how to use it properly.
Another perk is that the product has lifetime warranty so you’ll be happy to know that you’ve purchased a reliable and durable device.

Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser

The Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser is quite unique! It features three tubes with colored float balls of different colors in each of them.
As you might have guessed, every time you exhale into the tube, the colorful balls in the chambers move up and depending on how high you can make them float, this represents your breathing strength.
More precisely, each chamber has an inhalation value of 600, 900, and 1200 cc/sec, respectively.
It is durable, builds lung stamina and helps maximize lung expansion.

Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Incentive Spirometer Exerciser

This is a device often prescribed by doctors and respiratory therapists to all their patients in need of lung expansion therapy.
This, of course, just means that it is really reliable and has proven efficient time and time again.
It comes with a mouthpiece and goal levels that can help with opening up the alveoli in the lungs by taking a deeper breath.
While it focuses more on deep breathing, it also promotes overall lung health and helps prevent atelectasis.
Just keep in mind that it is only useful for your inhalation muscles but not your exhalation ones but consult with your physician to find out whether this is actually the right product for you or not.

ChoiceMMed Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer

The ChoiceMMed Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer is designed with two different training modes – endurance and strength!
Both of them are meant to enhance your lung capacity, which is why this is great for singers as well as athletes.
To make everything easier, including monitoring your progress, this device displays your lung effort level on its screen.
The mouthpiece is removable, for easier cleaning, and the whole thing is just very straightforward so you’ll never be confused about how to use it.

Quest Lung Performance Peak Flow Meter

This product is often used by asthmatics and oxygen users in hospitals but it can also be purchased for home use by pretty much anyone else as well.
It is able to measure just how firm and fast you exhale, letting you know immediately whether or not your airways are constricted in any way.
A lot of the time, it is used before and after a bronchodilator treatment just to see if the treatment had been effective.
Not only that but it can also detect triggers and certain symptoms since it monitors peak flow results.
What makes this device even more special is that it also features a medical app as well as a customized Alarm!

PowerLung Better Breathing Trainer

This product is ideal if you are trying to get more benefits from your usual workout routine or professional training.
This means that it can really help people like athletes as well as singers who wish to improve their breath control and endurance.
If you use this regularly, you’ll be able to increase the amount of air you take in, having much longer and deeper cycles of breath.
It is designed with a number of adjustable settings and is very durable.
It is super portable and lightweight and even comes with a CD containing a user guide so that you know all about the product and the exercises you can do with it!

Nose Breathe Trainer

This lightweight and portable training mouthpiece is actually meant to train your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth in order to improve nose breathing.
This also means that if you deal with sleep apnea, this is exactly what you need!
By teaching you proper tongue placement you will avoid mouth breathing.
It is a custom-fitted product made from medical-grade silicone.


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