The Evolution of the Eyebrows Shapes over the Past 100 Years

The Evolution of the Eyebrows Shapes over the Past 100 Years

Thin, curved, wide, straight: eyebrow fashion has undergone the most incredible changes over the past century.


The thinnest, barely noticeable thread: wearing thick or wide eyebrows was considered not only not fashionable, but indecent! Silent film actresses became role models, and Marlene Dietrich became a style icon.


During the Great Depression, fashion responded to the general condition, and eyebrows became tragically arched. And wider, which gives them more expressiveness. Ideal – Greta Garbo.


After the war, the image of a woman-mother, who takes care of the family and comfort in the house, is cultivated. “Threads” are no longer plucked, as there is no time for this “procedure”, so the eyebrows take on a natural width and shape. The reference beauty is called the image of Grace Kelly.


Then a new era comes into force – an era of carelessness and joy, and fashion responds to the new era with bright colors, new silhouettes, and Audrey Hepburn becomes the embodied ideal for both men and women. To achieve thick, wide eyebrows, like Audrey, women paint over the skin under the eyebrows with a black pencil.


The era of sexual emancipation, symbolized by Brigitte Bardot, forced women to change their attitude to beauty: sophistication is in fashion. Black arrows, slightly disheveled sexy styling, red lipstick and well-groomed, trimmed and plucked eyebrows with a perfect arch – this is the image of a fashionista at this time.


Hippies appear, and naturalness triumphantly returns to fashion: no makeup, eyebrows – which are given to you by nature. Kim Basinger became the standard: almost everyone tried to imitate her style.


If this decade had to be called in one word, it would be the word “too much.” All the brightest, crazy and extravagant suddenly became incredibly fashionable. Eyebrows – the wider the better. Standard – Brooke Shields.


Heroin chic and outright protest: fashion houses produce sloppy collections in the style of the homeless, and Kate Moss owns the minds of young people. Eyebrows are plucked with an “angle”, and sometimes only half is left at the bridge of the nose.


Gradually, the eyebrows begin to “get fat”: an unambiguous fashion for one form or another is not formed, most makeup artists insist on an individual approach. Beauty ceases to be unambiguous: at the same time, we admired J. Lo, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.


Wide, combed up, and certainly carefully dyed: Cara Delevingne broke into the world of beauty so quickly that she became a style icon in just a few months. Eyebrows become a cult: you can go without makeup, ignore manicures and pedicures, but doing your eyebrows is a must.

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Wet, “soapy” eyebrows – the beauty industry is improving new techniques in the care of eyebrows. Eyebrows become one of the ways to correct the image: they can be made wider or narrower, brighter or lighter, or even completely “raised” or lowered, changing the shape – all in order to make the face more expressive. Fortunately, modern brow lamination techniques allow you to fix the hairs in the right position, give a beautiful shape to unruly eyebrows and eliminate the need to use fixing gels every day. Eyebrow lamination is a treatment with a special composition that thickens the hairs and fixes them in the desired position for a long time.

The components in the brow lamination kit moisturize and nourish the hairs, which in the process can be laid in shape and fixed.

Eyebrows become shiny and dense after the procedure, which you can do yourself or have your eyebrows done at the professional studio. Quality of the brow lamination products is an important issue, make sure you or your eyebrow master uses a professional grade product. Quality Beauty Store has all the needed items in its eyebrow lamination kit for your first experience as well as for advanced level needs’.

How long does brow lamination last for?

Eyebrow lamination usually lasts from four to six weeks. If you take care of your brows, this can take up to eight weeks. We would recommend re-laminate your eyebrows after 4-6 weeks to extend the appearance for a longer period.

Does brow lamination ruin brows?

For some people, the composition of the product may cause allergies after the procedure. Therefore, if you are prone to allergies, it is better to do a test one or two days before lamination. But if you do not abuse the procedure and repeat it no earlier than after 6 weeks, there is no risk of ruining your eyebrows.

Is it possible to use decorative cosmetics when laminating eyebrows?

When laminating eyebrows, you can use any decorative cosmetics.

Does brow lamination cause discomfort?

The eyebrow lamination procedure does not cause any discomfort and pain.


Turn your beauty fantasies into reality, experiment, but do not forget that the best beauty is health, so use only high-quality products.

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