Smoking Pot During Pregnancy, Deemed Harmless by Many Women, A New UBC Study Showed

Smoking Pot During Pregnancy, Deemed Harmless by Many Women, A New UBC Study Showed

According to a new study conducted by the University of British Columbia, many women deem smoking pot during pregnancy as harmless. More specifically about 33 percent of the participants in the UBC survey said that, in their opinion, cannabis couldn’t hurt babies. Also, the leading author of the study, Hamideh Bayrampour, showed that more and more pregnant women are smoking pot.

Hamideh Bayrampour, an assistant professor in the UBC department of family practice, stated that the trend of smoking pot in pregnant women occurred due to the lack of information on how can cannabis can affect the babies and the pregnancy itself. She recommended health officials to invest in educating future mothers about the potential risks of using marijuana while pregnant.

In fact, there is some emerging evidence showing that cannabis use increases the chance of a baby that is smaller than average. Or impacted brain development of the baby,” Hamideh Bayrampour said.

A New UBC Study Revealed that Smoking Pot During Pregnancy Is Deemed Harmless by Many Women

According to this new survey, 33 percent of the women who participated in the study deemed smoking pot during pregnancy as harmless. The majority of pregnant women who are most likely to consume cannabis are under 25 years old, researchers revealed. Also, there is a connection between marijuana consumption during pregnancy and depression and anxiety.

Nonetheless, some of the participants in the survey stated that they were using pot to tackle nausea related to the first weeks of pregnancy, while others used cannabis to deal with depression and stress. However, none of those 33 percent has ever thought that marijuana might harm their yet unborn babies.

Hamideh Bayrampour said that doctors should educate future mothers or breastfeeding moms about the risks of cannabis consumption. Also, the UBC professor claimed that across Canada, at least, there is too little information on the adverse effects of smoking pot during pregnancy.


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