Best Plus Size Scrubs To Ensure A Comfortable Day For Medical Professionals

Best Plus Size Scrubs To Ensure A Comfortable Day For Medical Professionals

As a medical specialist, it’s important to do your tasks in the most comfortable state possible so wearing ill-fitting scrubs can really needlessly make your job quite a bit harder than it already is.
However, it’s safe to say that finding a plus size, flattering and great quality set of scrubs can be a struggle but it doesn’t necessarily have to!
If you have been looking for the perfect scrubs for you online, you might have noticed that there is a wide range of sizes available as well as accurate sizing guides and many reviews from previous buyers!
With that being said, you can really get a good idea of what you’re purchasing before it reaches you, which is great.
Still, given the many options out there, it can be a headache to decide on the best option for your particular case so you could still need some more help.
As a result, this guide was created to take out all the guesswork, provide you with some important information you need to know as well as some of the best scrubs on the market in list form!
First of all, keep in mind the most important things you should look for when purchasing scrubs and those are comfort, practicability and the durability of the material.

Credit: Unsplash/MedicAlert UK
Credit: Unsplash/MedicAlert UK

Of course, after you’ve decided on some that are of great quality and fit really well, you might also want to also focus on style and color!
After all, while scrubs can be quite straightforward, there are still quite a few different styles, some of which might suit your preferences more than others.
So we have established that online shopping is ideal when looking for plus size scrubs but, unfortunately, that comes with its own set of challenges, one of the main ones being the struggle of figuring out the perfect fit for your body.
As a result, we recommend that you always keep the receipts and that you don’t rip off the tags immediately – not before you can try your new scrubs on to make sure they are comfortable and flattering.
This way, if you realize they are not exactly what you expected or wanted, you can always return the product without any regrets.

Here are a few more things you should definitely look out for:

  • Mobility Range

When you try them on for the first time, look out for the range of mobility they offer you. Ideally, you should be able to freely move your arms and legs without the scrubs snagging or pulling in uncomfortable or restricting ways when you move around.

You wouldn’t want to worry about bending down and ripping the seams to ill-fitting scrubs when you’re supposed to focus on your patients’ wellbeing instead.

  • Exact Measurements

Even before ordering the product, you can minimize the chances of it not fitting well when you receive it by knowing your measurements.
Most sites offer pretty detailed size guides but in order to follow them, you should take your measurements and know where you fall.
With that being said, make sure to measure the following areas of your body:
– Chest/ bust area
– Waist (around the smallest area of your upper body)
– Hips (around the widest area of your body)
– Shoulders (from one shoulder across to the other)
– Arm length (from shoulder to wrist)
– Inseam (using an already great fitting pair of pants, measure from the waistband to the crotch.)

  • A Tight Fit Is Better

It is common for plus sized shoppers to avoid form-fitting clothes but it’s actually recommended that you don’t pick anything too loose on you.
After all, while comfort is key during those 12-hour shifts, you should still go for something that is a little bit uncomfortable at first.
This is due to the fact that a tighter fit is able to keep contaminants and all kinds of potential pathogens away from patients and loose clothing can easily cause contact between you and them.
Basically, you should walk the perfect line between comfortable and tight.

  • Materials

If you’ve never worn scrubs before, you might be unsure which are the best materials, and especially, which are the best for plus size wearers.
Of course, they should be flexible on your body for increased comfort so make sure they contain a decent amount of elastane in combination with durable materials such as polyester, cotton or microfiber.
Now that you know all the basics, check some of the best scrubs out there, in no particular order!

CHEROKEE Workwear Originals Mock Wrap Scrub Top

This is a super stylish and well made product with a V-neck and short sleeves. More precisely, it is considered to be a mock wrap top with a classic fit.
It has front shoulder yokes as well as two very handy pockets and an interior one!
Of course, it thankfully comes in a variety of different sizes as well, ranging from XXS to 5XL!
Furthermore, it is made from 78% Polyester, 20% Rayon and 2% Spandex which means that it has a stretchy fit allowing the wearer a lot of movement and without any discomfort.
Not to mention how flattering this material really is!
The top features a much-needed instrument loop and a logo with a bungee loop.
And if you need easy access to your pant pockets as well, the top is designed with front and back princess seams with side vents.
Judging by all the high ratings on Amazon, it sounds like many are very happy with the product.
Just keep in mind that, based on a few reviews, the V-neck might be a bit too low.

Dagacci Medical Uniform Top and Pants Scrubs Set

The second option on our list comes in a wide range of sizes as well and has multiple pockets, making it one of the more practical scrubs tops out there!
The sizing is unisex, which could be a pro for some but also a bit hard to find the right size in the case of others.
The scrubs are breathable and flattering and feature a comfortable elastic waistband too!
They also come in no less than 22 colors and the sizes available range from XS to 5XL.
The material they are made of is 100% Polyester Cotton blend.
The style is a classing v-neck, with a rather loose fit.
Keep in mind that you need to machine wash it cold and tumble dry to ensure the durability of these scrubs.

Grey’s Anatomy 3 Pocket Mock Wrap Scrub Top

To prevent exposing your bra, this scrubs top has its armholes cut small.
Furthermore, to prevent any uncomfortable gaps from opening around the chest area, the V-neck is rather shallow.
They are also not all boxy and shapeless, allowing you to still show off your feminine curves.
They have great color-fastness, keeping the fabric vibrant and new-looking for many years.
The sizes available range from XXS to 5XL but judging by some reviews, you might want to size up as they have a smaller fit than advertised.
They come in no less than 30 different colors so you can purchase one that really represents your personality the best.
It is an interesting spin on the classing mock-wrap style, allowing you to try something new and different from most scrubs out there for a modern vibe.
It features a banded empire waist as well as a soft polyester and rayon build and three pockets of decent dimensions.
While the blend of polyester and rayon fibers might not be as stretchy and comfortable as elastane, these scrubs are still flexible enough to look flattering on any plus-size medical professional.

Dickies Xtreme Stretch Plus Size Scrubs Shirt

The Dickies Xtreme Stretch Plus Size Scrubs Shirt also comes in a wide range of sizes, going up to 5xl.
The color options are great as well since you can pick from 21 different ones.
It has a four-way stretch, made with wrinkle-resistant fabric and a v-neckline.
Furthermore, it also features two front patch pockets for all your essential medical supplies but also a special pocket to place your phone in which also has a special D-ring meant to attach either your keys or name tag to.
For some more style, the scrubs top has decorative logo eyelets at the front.

Just Love Women’s Scrub Sets Six Pocket Medical Scrubs

These scrubs run a little big and baggy so you might want to size down a size or two if you want to get them.
Aside from that, the blended fabric is durable and comfortable, being made of 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester.
It has a functional drawstring waist, v-shaped neckline and comes in several different color options.
Finally, it is washing machine friendly and it is recommended that you tumble dry it.

Koi Katelyn Mock-Wrap Scrub Tops

The shape of these scrubs is feminine and flattering to the curves of the body, making you feel great in your skin even during those long hour shifts at the hospital.
Of course, they are not just stylish, they are also practical thanks to the short sleeves that prevent any extra fabric from getting in the way of your work.
The same can be said about the neckline, the v-shape being cut short in order to avoid exposing too much skin and making you feel uncomfortable.
They have a static, tight-fitting construction and it is sure to remain in peak condition for a long time.
The only downside is that, since it does not contain elastane, these scrubs are not as stretchy but that is not necessarily a bad thing if you purchase the right size for you. On the contrary, a snug fit can really help keep things sanitary at work.
The sizes run between XXS and 5XL.
There are two large patch pockets on each side, perfect for easy access to all kinds of tools you may want to carry with you.
Furthermore, the top has a higher medium-center back length (27.25 inches) so you never have to worry about not being able to fit into it, no matter your body type.

Grey’s Anatomy 5-Pocket Plus Size Scrub Pants

As far as scrub pants are concerned, the Grey’s Anatomy 5-Pocket Plus Size Scrub Pants are some of the most practical, comfortable and versatile on the market.
They come in pretty much all sizes up from XXS to 5XL and there are even three different lengths available – petite, regular and tall – to accommodate your height as well!
There are a total of 34 colors to pick from so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find one to match your scrub top.
The design of these pants is actually based on yoga pants so you can rest assured that they are comfortable.
They have a drawstring waistband, they are low rise and have a straight leg.
To keep you even more comfortable in them, they are made out of moisture-wicking arc-dry technology.

Dickies Women’s Xtreme Stretch Pant

The Dickies Women’s Xtreme Stretch Pant has a comfortable and relaxed fit thanks to the added spandex.
The colors are bright and fun and they do not fade easily, remaining vibrant even after many washes.
The side-seam hems are great as far as resisting tears is concerned.
Keep in mind that you might want to size up a bit depending on your measurements since some buyers have complained that they run a little bit tight around the thighs.
Just like all the other options on this list, the sizes are really inclusive, running from XXS to 5XL.
They are flare leg style which is something that has recently come back into style so if you want to not only look professional but also look stylish, this might just be ideal for you.
They have 30 color options and are made of three-quarters polyester, 20 percent rayon and four percent spandex.
This means that they are some of the most flexible, comfortable and durable scrub pants on the market!
Finally, they are fully machine washable so you won’t have to worry about them too much when it’s time to do some laundry.

CHEROKEE Workwear Plus Size Scrub Pants

The CHEROKEE Workwear Plus Size Scrub Pants have a wide range of sizes, going all the way to 5XL.
They also come in 15 different colors and have a modern classic fit thanks to being mid-rise and flared.
Just like the option before this, the CHEROKEE scrub pants also feature three different lengths – petite, regular and tall.
They have a functional drawstring and a stretch back to ensure their comfort.
As for pockets, there are two front ones, two cargo ones and one at the back.

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