30 Prettiest Asian Names for Girls and Boys!

30 Prettiest Asian Names for Girls and Boys!

Asia is a large continent that hosts a diverse range of cultures so it makes sense that the names you can find here reflect this rich heritage as well.

In fact, Asian names for both baby girls and baby boys are not only really beautiful sounding but they traditionally also hold deep meaning that is sure to reflect who your little one will grow up to be.

With that being said, choosing the perfect name for a child can be – and most often is – a really difficult task so we have compiled a list of some of the most common Asian names, from all over the continent, in order to hopefully inspire you.

To further help you make an informed decision, we have also included details such as their origins and meaning.

In other words, if you are looking for Asian-based names for your little one, read on!

  1. Ang

Short and unique, Ang is actually an alternative spelling for “Angel” and its meaning is very fitting but not surprising: “spirited or messenger of God.”

  1. Akemi

This beautiful baby girl name means “bright beauty.” With such a moniker, your sunshine is sure to grow up to be a light in the lives of everyone else she meets as well.

  1. Bae

The name Bae comes from Korea and means “Inspiration” and not “Before Anyone Else.” There’s no reason why both can’t be the true at the same time, however!

  1. Bo

This adorable one syllable name originates from China and means “precious.”

  1. Chongan

Another Chinese name, Chongan means “peace.”

  1. Chowa

Chowa is a baby girl name meaning “harmony” and who doesn’t want Harmony in their lives?

  1. Dhyana

Dhyana means “meditation” so if want to name your child something that reflects Hinduism and Buddhism culture, this might just be one to consider.

  1. Eun Hee

This gorgeous moniker is Korean and means “pleasure and grace.”

  1. Eui

Eui means “righteousness.”

  1. Isla Mei

Isla Mei is a popular name in Asia with Scottish origins, Isla meaning “Island.”

  1. Haya

This gorgeous Japanese name means “quick or light.”

  1. Isamu

Another name with Japanese origins, Isamu means “warrior or courageous” so it’s the perfect moniker if you’re looking for a powerful boy name.

  1. Jiro

Jiro is also Japanese and means “second son” so it could be the perfect brother name for the one above. It doesn’t have to, of course, as Jiro is a beautiful, polished sounding name that will work regardless of meaning.

  1. Kang-dae

Meaning “strong or powerful,” this Korean name is worth considering as well.

  1. Kalini

This melodic-sounding name originates from India and means “flower.”

  1. Lei

A diminutive version of Leia, this Chinese name means “thunderous.”

  1. Maleia

This beautiful name has an equally beautiful meaning – “pearl.”

  1. Munni

Munni is of Cambodian origins and means “wise man.”

  1. Niran

Another powerful name, Niran comes from Thailand and means “eternal.”

  1. Nirantara

Unique in both sound and meaning, Nirantara means “all-pervading.”

  1. Phirun

Phirun is a Cambodian moniker that means “drizzle.”

22 Rai

This gender-neutral Japanese name means “trust, lightning, or thunder.”

  1. Reena

A timeless name, Reena means “gem.”

  1. Sook

A Korean name that means “pure.” How beautiful!

  1. Takeshi

This Japanese name means “fierce or warrior.”

  1. Upma

Upma is of Indian origin and means “best.”

  1. Vanna

A charming name of Cambodian origin, Vanna means “gracious or golden.”

  1. Virote

Virote comes from Thailand and means “power.”

  1. Wenquian

This name not only sounds sophisticated but its meaning suits that as well – “refined matter.”

  1. Xueyou

Xueyou is a Chinese boy’s name that means “friendly and studious.”


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