Plastic Surgeon Vs. A Dermatologist for Cosmetic Procedures: Which One To Choose?

Plastic Surgeon Vs. A Dermatologist for Cosmetic Procedures: Which One To Choose?

Cosmetic procedures are more popular than they have ever been and there are a number of factors which has contributed to this. The main reason why we are seeing so many people have these surgeries and procedures done is the fact that we care more than ever before about beauty and the way that we look. Additionally we have seen so may of the taboos which once existed around these procedures disappear. Back in the 90s so many people felt that any kind of beauty treatment was risky, but safer practices and more regulation has changed this entirely. It is also worth mentioning that costs have come down, owing to the rising demand in the industry.

When it comes to getting many cosmetic procedures, the choice comes down to using a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, so which one should you choose? No matter if you are looking to get botox in Joondalup, dermal fillers in Sydney or a chemical peel in Perth, here is how you can make the decision between whether you should use a plastic specialist or a dermatologist.

What Do Plastic Surgeons Do?

We should mention straight off the bat that there are a number of procedures which plastic surgeons can do that dermatologists will not. The clue here is of course in the title, and if there is anything which does require surgery, the plastic surgeon will of course be the person to do it. With this being said however there are many plastic surgeons and clinics in which they work, which will offer non-invasive procedures too. This of course makes perfect sense for these businesses as they will be able to work with clients who require invasive and non-invasive treatments. Plastic surgeons will offer simple cosmetic procedures, but they will not always offer the full range.

What Do Dermatologists Do?

Broadly speaking dermatologists will deal with everything that relates to the skin. From a health perspective they can advise on skin conditions and test moles to ensure that they are safe. Additionally however you will find that many dermatologists will offer cosmetic procedures too. This is very similar to plastic surgeons in that some will work with hospitals to help people after accidents and burns, whereas others will focus on the cosmetic side of plastics.

Procedures For Surgeons

Most commonly we see surgeons carrying out tummy tucks, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, these are certainly the most popular surgeries which they will be carrying out. With regards to the non-invasive stuff, surgeons will offer things like face lifts, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) as well as chin lifts and liposuction.

Procedures For Dermatologists

By comparison you will often find that a dermatologist who does specialize in cosmetics will look into procedures such as botox injections, dermal fillers and chemical peels. These are often used to get the same effects which a face lift can have on people, yet they are lower in cost and less permanent than a full face or chin lift. These treatments use a mixture of chemicals to get the look which the customer wants, and usually this centers around the aging process. People simply wish to look younger for longer and that is why so many will elect to go and see their dermatologist and have these procedures carried out.

Finding The Best

No matter which kind of procedure you decide to have, it is important that you invest the time in finding the very best plastic surgeon or the best dermatologist. As mentioned in the title there is much more regulation around this industry these days, so the idea that there are backstreet clinics  which cannot be trusted is something which is very much in the past. With this being said however these men and women are performing surgeries and procedures which are altering your body, and it is critical that you find the very best people to do that. Some simply don’t have the reputation which others do. In order to find the best you should research online, speak with others about their experiences and speak directly with a number of plastic surgeons and dermatologists to manage your own expectations. There will be factors such as budget which will come into this as well, all of which is why you should take your time once you have decided to get a certain kind of surgery or procedure.

Multiple Procedures

If you plan to have multiple procedures carried out then it will make sense for you to get this done all under one roof, so to speak. You will find that there are beauty clinics and centers which house plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are able to work in sync to give you the full package. This not only makes your life easier when you are having multiple procedures done, but you can also find that the price of your treatments is less. This is because instead of paying per procedure you will be paying for a single package which often can extend some cost savings to you.

Making The Decision

Whilst you will find some professionals who are able to carry out procedures which usually fail under a surgeon’s or a dermatologist’s remit, it is always better to use a specialist. And so depending on the treatment which you opt for, this will largely indicate which kind of professional you need for that procedure.

Always make sure that you have fully researched the treatment or surgery before you decide to do it, and speak to as many people as possible in order to get some advice. There is no real safety risk here but it is always important that you use online resources and take the guidance of family and friends to ensure that you are making the right decision, and that you are using the right kind of professional to get the job done. And finally, always remember to invest time and effort into picking the best clinic to go to.

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