Improving the lives of Women and Girls from Asia-Pacific region

Improving the lives of Women and Girls from Asia-Pacific region

It’s no secret that the life in Asia-Pacific region is not easy; inhabitants have to put many efforts to survive every day. The harsh living conditions are even harder because some challenges appear in this area: gender inequalities and the vulnerability of people. If we want to help these co-inhabitants of our planet, the first thing we have to do is to start building a more secure environment, watch out for climate change, fight gender inequality and the other vulnerabilities.

What is the main issue connected to women and girls

Asia-Pacific is one of the poorest areas on Earth; women and girls from this region are the majority of those who live on less than $2 per day. Next to this, they also have to overcome other barriers like very difficult or no access to resources, education, healthcare and many more.

Although the situation has been the same for year, on International Women’s Day is a perfect moment to take it into consideration and try to find long-term solutions. One important aspect is the actions that international organisms will take for starting to solve this situation.

What could be the solution

First and foremost, we should make sure that women and other disadvantaged groups will be involved in the decision-making process and they will be able to take action and help themselves. After all, politics connected to climate change affect their daily lives.

Considering the hard times, cooperation is crucial, so on the 8th March, the Swedish Government and the UN Environment have joined forces in the attempt to protect human rights and gender equality. This also contributes to reducing the threaths of natural disasters and increases the capacity of adapting to cliamte changes. If the alliance’s goal will be reached, worldwide authorities and civil society organizations will have and increased capacity of action in the Asia-Pacific area. Fighting climate change is the first stept towards creating a better living environment for women and girls from this area.


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