How to Plan a Stress-Free Romantic Vacation

How to Plan a Stress-Free Romantic Vacation

For many couples, planning a romantic vacation together can be the ideal way to keep passion high in a long-term relationship. It’s all too easy to get into a routine in a relationship where working life and the tasks outside of work lead to feelings of stress and exhaustion. It’s estimated that 83% of Americans suffer from stress in the workplace. Whilst this is a common occurrence, if it’s not adequately resolved, it can lead to a lower sex drive and less willingness to have moments of intimacy with your partner.

Taking time out from world of work and jetting off to somewhere exotic where sunshine and beautiful surroundings dominate can really help to reignite romance and allow you to recover from the stresses of life.

However, the simple act of going on a romantic vacation can be stressful if it’s not well planned. This article explains three key ways in which you can ensure that your romantic vacation is stress free and everything you both dreamed it would be.

1.   Work to your budget

There’s little point in planning an exotic getaway to a tropical island if it costs more than you can comfortably afford. All that will happen is that you return from the trip with financial difficulties and find that the following months are a source of stress as you attempt to manage budgets with little or no cash reserves.

It’s therefore vitally importance that you plan a romantic break that fits your overall budget. Remember that you can still find romance without having to go on a long-haul flight to a premium hotel. If you’re looking to save money, consider a romantic getaway that’s closer to home but still benefits from beautiful surroundings and privacy.

Here are the top ten romantic destinations from all over the world, some of which may not involve the need for big budgets or long journeys.

2.   If your period is due

It should be recognized that one of the main aims of any romantic vacation is to spend some quality time with your loved one and take pleasure from enjoying intimacy together. It would be highly unfortunate if you couldn’t enjoy the pleasures of love-making due to your partner being on her period during this time.

Thankfully, there are two ways to resolve this. Either plan your romantic vacation around the menstrual cycle or ensure that you take norethisterone tablets if the period is due whilst you’re at the destination. These tablets delay the onset of a period and can be the perfect solution if you can’t change the dates of the vacation.

3.   Consider health and relaxation facilities

Many couples enjoy attending a health spa or having a relaxing massage together and it can be the perfect way to get into a romantic mood. As such, it’s important to consider the health and relaxation facilities at your intended destination. Look for hotels or apartments that have access to onsite spa facilities and have features such as saunas, Jacuzzis and massage tables. Consider the benefits of aromatherapy facilities in creating feelings of well-being and relaxation. Also remember to check if there’s a couples’ dining area where you can enjoy an intimate candlelit meal together.

In short, the facilities on offer at your intended destination will play a key role in your enjoyment of the romantic vacation.

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