Horrific Results of Cheap Plastic Surgery Destroys Woman’s Nose

Horrific Results of Cheap Plastic Surgery Destroys Woman’s Nose

Plastic surgery is in trend nowadays as more and more women, and even men, opt for it to change their looks. But, as not every person has lots of money to invest in such surgeries, many women go for cheap plastic surgery which, often, goes wrong.

So is the case of a woman who has undergone a plastic surgery at her nose. The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, went for a repairing surgery after nasal silicone implant intervention went horribly wrong.

The silicone implant from the first intervention started to pop out from the woman’s nose tip, forming something looking like a small silicone ball.
She didn’t offer any information on where she has done her nose job but some voices stated that it was an unlicensed or illegal business.

Luckily for her, the doctors from a specialized clinic managed to repair her nose. Actually, they’ve pulled out the whole initial implant and rebuilt it from scratch.

Many women are suffering from cheap plastic surgery jobs
Another woman from Thailand went through a repairing surgery after her nose implant started to stick out through her forehead.

Even the actress Tina Malone suffered from a boobs job that went wrong. Few days after the surgery her left boob started to swallow and eventually exploded.

Cheap plastic surgeries also left two women with the impossibility to close their eyes and even landed another woman in coma after a breast augmentation intervention.

Linda Perez opted for a breasts job but that surgery changed her life forever. She was successfully operated but within 1 hour after the intervention, she fell into a coma. Linda woke up after more than two months and was sent home but she can barely move and talk.
Linda suffered a brain damage after the surgery but her case seems to be more complex as her doctor is demanding for her medical history as he is sure she lied about some important aspects of her medical condition.


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