Best 10 Shower Filters for Hard Water

Best 10 Shower Filters for Hard Water

We all want our drinking water to be clean and free of any impurities, but what about the water we use to clean out bodies?

Having purified water in every scenario of our everyday lives is really important, which is why, if you’re dealing with hard water, you’ll benefit a lot from investing in a shower filter!

With that being said, this guide is here to help you pick the one for your particular situation out of a list of some of the best shower filters for hard water on the market!

But before that, here are some things you should know about the benefits of owning one.

It’s safe to say that not everyone can afford full-scale water softening and filtering systems which is why so many tend to ignore the problem altogether.

However, there are plenty of simple filtering showerheads that can do just as good of a job, providing you with all kinds of benefits for your skin, nails, and hair!

Not to mention that so many water supplies leave behind a chlorine smell that sticks with you all throughout the day, which is definitely not the best situation.

Aside from the health benefits that come with using softened water, you will also start seeing a real improvement in limescale buildup in your showerhead.

All in all, the entire shower experience will just be cleaner and nicer!

    1. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head 

This model is easy to install, needing no tools to do so and fits any ½” threaded shower arm.

It also meets EPA water sense certification of two gallons/minute at most.

It comes with a patented WHR-140 filter cartridge and is designed with 5 showerhead spray settings!

No wonder Culligan is one of the most trusted brands in the world when it comes to water products.

One small detail that still makes a difference is the rubber coating that can be found over the spray nozzle.

Aside from the convenience and comfort it provides, most importantly, this product can filter out no less than 99 percent of all harmful chemicals in the water, all the while operating at a maximum temperature of 120 degrees.

It features a stainless-steel fine mesh that gets rid of larger impurities in the water as well as another mesh layer that combines with micro-porous PP cotton in order to catch the smaller sediments that may have passed the first larger mesh.

This system of filtering really helps with avoiding hard water stains.

The filters last for 6 months and when the time comes, replacing them is really easy and convenient.

Culligan also offers a 5 year warranty for their product.

  1. BathBeyond Shower Filter Vitamin C For Hard Water


This product has a 15 stage filtration process and an oxygen increasing formula that does a great job removing any unpleasant odor from the water.

Furthermore, the manufacturer promises it’s going to take around 700 showers (or around 24,000 gallons of water) before you need to replace the filter.

To further nourish your skin, this shower filter also comes with a vitamin C injection, as the name also suggests.

This is an inline water filter, which means it’s meant to attach to your current setup.

Inline water filters are becoming more and more popular since they are so convenient.

Thanks to the 15 stages of filtration, this product will soften even the hardest of waters, making it much purer and healthier instantly.

The BathBeyond Shower Filter is especially good for people who live in apartment buildings due to the fact that it’s quite rare for apartment units to have water softening systems already so using a filtering shower head is a simple and smart move.

It’s easy to install

As for how it works, there is a PP cotton layer of filtration as well as a fine steel mesh filter and many other layers in between, including a Maifan stone filter, so that all odors, chemicals and metals can be blocked.

Finally, it comes in four metal finish colors so you can pick the one that best matches your bathroom.

    1. PureAction Luxury Filter for Hard Water

If you are looking for something more luxurious, this might just be the product for you, this filter even coming in an elegant, expensive looking gift box.

It successfully removes 99.9% of sediments and contaminants and the ionic showerhead also increases the water’s pH balance.

It’s made out of chrome-plated ABS plastic and it is a 3-part filter that features a filter sponge, the ionic cartridge as well as alkaline ceramic beads.

This also includes a 60″ hose attachment, great for those who like that in a shower.

Not only that but it even comes with a replaceable hose.

Upon installing this filter, you’ll soon notice an improved soap lather as well as less eczema, acne or dry skin.

Furthermore, it’s designed to remove lead, iron and calcium from water so you don’t have to worry about those things again!

      1. NearMoon Filtered Shower Head


The NearMoon Filter shower head is made out of premium stainless steel and features the newest filtration technology as well as a high quality filter Cartridge that can get rid of all impurities in your shower water.

It has a super slim design and high pressure flow.

Furthermore, there is a swivel ball at the very top of the shower head that lets you adjust it to the perfect angle.

There are five total functions you can choose from – power massage, rainfall, waterfall mist, shower with waterfall mist and shower with power massage.

No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant and relaxing experience, all the while showering with the cleanest, soft water!

The hose is also made out of stainless steel and measures 5 feet. It is really flexible and has a longer reach than most other hand shower heads out there.

The 1/2″ connector fits with all universal shower arms.

    1. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

This Aquasana model is made with a unique up flow design that not only prevents clogging but also maintains the water pressure all throughout the shower.

The filtration is partially done with natural coconut shell carbon, which is effective in reducing lead, chlorine, iron and other such harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, there are also copper and zinc meshes that enhance the water’s pH balance.

All in all, this shower filter is sure to help you get healthier skin and hair while blocking all the chemicals and lowering the chlorine content in the water.

    1. AQUAYOUTH 2.0 Carbon Shower Head Filter

This product provides a powerful, multi-stage filtration, targeting heavy metals, chlorine, sand, rust, and other sediments in the water, purifying it to perfection.

And since all of these chemicals and sediments are known to be harmful to the hair and skin, it’s very likely this shower head filter will help you get smoother skin and soft, shiny hair.

AquaYouth has a sleek, modern look but is also super durable.

In addition to that, the design allows for easy replacement of the filter when the time comes.

    1. GE Shower Filter System

This product promises to significantly reduce the content of chlorine in your shower water, therefore decreasing its damaging effects on your hair and skin.

It is easy to install, without the need for special tools.

You only need to replace the filter twice a year, or after 10,000 gallons of water, which means a lot of showers without you having to worry about this!

    1. Filterelated 18 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water

That’s right! This is an 18-stage shower filter that promises to get block all harmful materials in your shower water including chlorine and heavy metals as well as balance the pH!

Furthermore, it will infuse nothing but beneficial minerals into your nails, skin and hair, improving their health and aspect.

In other words, if you are concerned about hard water causing dandruff, itchy skin, eczema and brittle nails, this might just help you out!

It is made with premium medical grade filtration and works with all standard shower types whether they are fixed, rain shower or handheld.

    1. AquaBLU High-Pressure Shower Filter with Large 8″ LED Shower Head Filter

This is a heavy duty filter that comes in an elegant package.

It is made from chrome-plated anti-impact ABS material and promises no water pressure loss.

This is a smart product that features many intelligent features including color-changing LEDs that not only set the mood but also indicate the temperature.

No need for batteries, as it is powered by the water flow.

Furthermore, thanks to the 75 spa treatment nozzles on this purifier, you’ll be feeling like you have a spa in your own home!

The filter needs to be changed only twice a year!

It is easy and quick to install without any tools.

    1. Filterelated Vitamin Shower Filter for Hard Water

This shower filter not only purifies your water but also fills it with a pleasant aroma.

Using this, you may get healthier and softer hair and skin.

It features adopts premium medical grade filtration ingredients that remove heavy metals from the water efficiently.

It is compatible with all standard shower types.


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