Avoid These Drinks If You Want To Prevent Aging

Avoid These Drinks If You Want To Prevent Aging

If you’re like most people, you probably drink quite a bit of soda, tea, and coffee every day. Most of these beverages contain calories, which runners tend to burn off in a shorter amount of time than other people do. However, not all drinks are created equal when it comes to health and longevity. There are several popular drinks that, when consumed regularly over the course of an adult’s lifetime, can accelerate the aging of the body and tissues. These drinks are not necessarily bad for us, but you should not drink them in excess.


Soda is one of those things we love to hate. It’s highly available, usually cheaper than those sweet tea alternatives, and often just as bad for us. Soda is one of the top contributors to weight gain and even heart disease and stroke. Over the past couple of decades, scientific research has uncovered the causal link between consumption of sugary drinks and increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


Besides the impact it can have on your health, alcohol is also dehydrating. That means it lowers your body’s ability to produce sweat, which makes you especially susceptible to the effects of the sun on your skin. Skin ages faster when it’s dehydrated – simply put, your body can’t protect itself from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and its effects are cumulative. If you find yourself with dull, dry, or peeling skin, it’s tempting to reach for a bottle of water or a glass of ice-cold lemonade instead.

Sweet tea

As the name shows it, sweet tea contains sugar. Research shows that consuming sugary foods and drinks throughout the day can rob your body of key nutrients needed for energy and metabolic processes. It may also lead to a slower aging process, affecting your visual appearance as well as memory and thinking skills. 


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