2022 Resolutions That Will Improve Your Wellness

2022 Resolutions That Will Improve Your Wellness

The new year is approaching, which means it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with your life this year. We all have an idea of the big things we want to change: get in shape, make more money, travel more, or just spend more time with our friends and family.

The problem is that the changes we think we can make are often too big. It can be overwhelming to even manage smaller, daily changes. But if you start small, you might find it easier to make lasting changes in the long run.  Here are some of my favorite things you can do in the new year – they’re easy and effective, so you’ll actually stick with them:

  • Make your bed every morning. Start your day on a positive note by creating a cozy space for yourself. It doesn’t matter what time you get up, as long as you make your bed before you start your day! Even if it’s just throwing the covers over the sheets and plumping up pillows (I’m not great at making my bed), doing this helps me feel like I’m starting my day off right.
  • Take a few minutes each day to stretch and relax. Our bodies are pretty amazing machines, but they can get tight from sitting in one place for too long. Take a few minutes to roll your shoulders, lengthen your neck and relax your body in general.
  • Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, organic fruits and veggies cost a little more than conventional produce, but they’re not prohibitively expensive. You can even grow your own food if you want! Stock up on frozen vegetables so that they’re available when you don’t feel like cooking , or use them to make stir-fries or quick soups.

Anna Daniels

Anna is an avid blogger with an educational background in medicine and mental health. She is a generalist with many other interests including nutrition, women's health, astronomy and photography. In her free time from work and writing, Anna enjoys nature walks, reading, and listening to jazz and classical music.

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