Fish Pedicure Is NOT Exposing Clients To HIV And Hepatitis C, As It Has Been Stated A Few Years Ago

Fish Pedicure Is NOT Exposing Clients To HIV And Hepatitis C, As It Has Been Stated A Few Years Ago

Although it was something that was suspected for some time, the fish pedicure has been proved of NOT being able to expose to a series of health risks that could be devastating. According to the British Health Protection Agency, misuse of this more and more appreciated practice expose to the HIV virus and hepatitis C.

British Health Protection Agency warned that fish pedicure is dangerous

An article has emerged online a few years ago as a warning towards all the women who were ready to adopt this modern and allegedly healthy fish pedicure practice.

The British Health Protection Agency said that the water in the fish’s tanks contains microorganisms that could cause bacterial infections in clients. Even more, if a client is infected with a virus transmitted through the blood (such as HIV or hepatitis), another client can contract the virus.

More recent studies sustain the contrary

Even back then, articles written by various specialists urged to appear to contradict the British health officials.

Even recently, as the fish pedicure method is still practiced around the planet (even though is illegal in some parts of the world), specialists came up stating that there is no risk of getting infected with HIV or hepatitis C during a fish pedicure session. And that because HIV virus and hepatitis C can’t live in water and die instantly.

However, clients may indeed contract a bacterial infection.

In the United Kingdom, it is believed that there are several hundred fish pedicure SPAs and, according to some statistics, there are several hundred thousand, globally. On the other hand, the fish pedicure is still illegal in some US states.

Fish pedicure has become fashionable in 2010 and has acquired many adepts since then. Despite the health officials’ warning statements regarding fish pedicure, specialists consider that the fish pedicure is NOT exposing clients to HIV and hepatitis C, as it has been stated a few years ago.


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