Doctors Recommend Releasing Your Breasts to Boost Your Body Confidence

Doctors Recommend Releasing Your Breasts to Boost Your Body Confidence

Boost your confidence by releasing those breasts from uncomfortable bras. Get rid of the bikini top in the summer and feel free!

A lot of celebrities are already doing it: Kate Moss, Kelly Brook, Daisy Lowe, Millie Mackintosh, Emily Ratajkowski, Heidi Klum. Even Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber went out on the beach releasing their bottoms.

Exposing to sunshine is benefic for your health, as it helps raising the levels of vitamin D, increasing fertility. However, you should always use sun lotion to protect from UV light as well.

Kate Taylor – Sex and Relationship Expert – Recommends Us to Let Our Breasts Loose in the Summer

Women spend too much time keeping their breasts stuffed into bras. It seems that a research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies shows that being naked in public increases confidence and boosts one’s wellbeing.

You can do that too, at the beach, by wearing bikinis and taking off the top at least when you’re lying on the front. Then, if you feel comfortable enough, you can turn over and try to stroll on the beach. You’ll see it is indeed a wonderful feeling. Swimming topless is even better!

Body Confidence is What Makes Us Hot

Women attract men if the feel confident about their bodies. Strutting topless screams body confidence and if you love who you are, then you’re sure going to be appreciated.

Feeling desirable is a way of improving your relationship. Allow your partner to soak you in sun cream, even if he’s done it for at least 30 times that day, just to feel more of your skin. To contact between each other’s skin will boost oxytocin, promoting intimacy.

Sun is good for testosterone, raising sex drive, and all you have to do is get 20 minutes of sun in the morning.

Going topless will also attract other men’s eyes and when your partner notices it, he will not only get jealous, but he will also be reminded that he’s lucky to have you.

A great all-over tan is another way to remember the summer as Christmas is coming soon.

Going topless will boost you man’s confidence to free himself from his pants on the beach and experience the full tan, a boost in health and testosterone. On the plus side, they will also get to free willy!


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