The Most Common Cervical Cancer Symptoms That No Woman Should Ignore

The Most Common Cervical Cancer Symptoms That No Woman Should Ignore

Cervical cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer due to the high mortality rate of those suffering from this disease. According to the American Cancer Association, it is estimated that approximately 5,000 women die due to cervical cancer, annually. Knowing the most common cancer symptoms that no woman should ignore may save your life.

Currently, specialists are trying to discover new diagnostic methods and to make progress in discovering the possible causes of this disease and identify its symptoms.

Thanks to the recent progress in medicine, women have more ways to monitor their health so they can get help from a doctor in time. So if these self-evaluation methods become known, the number of patients who die of cervical cancer will decrease.

The most common cervical cancer symptoms that no woman should ignore

Cervical cancer generally develops in older women. However, it is useful to know the symptoms of this disease at any age so that we can protect your health.

Abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding

One of the first effects of cervical cancer is the destruction of the uterine wall. As a consequence, residues of this damage will begin to be discharged through the vagina.

Also, abnormal vaginal bleeding is another symptom of cervical cancer.

Massive unwanted weight loss

Cervical cancer usually causes loss of appetite. Therefore, massive unwanted weight loss may be an alarm signal that no woman should ignore.

Chronic fatigue

Women with cervical cancers feel increasingly tired, without any eloquent reasons for this. The general condition worsens because of the cancerous disease that severely affects the metabolic processes.

Back or pelvic pains

Cervical cancer can also cause pain in the lower abdomen, back pain (such as those during menstruation), or nonspecific pain that the patient initially ignores. If you feel such pains without an obvious reason, you should go to your doctor for a checkup.

Persistent nausea and vomiting

Nausea and indigestion-like symptoms that are persistent and has no obvious reasons can be signs of cancer, in general, but, in special, are linked to cervical cancer.

In conclusion, knowing the most common cervical cancer symptoms may save your life, so, don’t ignore them and, when they occur, go straight to your doctor for a complete checkup.


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