Cannabis Might Improve Women’s Sex Lives

Cannabis Might Improve Women’s Sex Lives

Cannabis is widely known as a recreational drug, under various names and forms, from marijuana to hashish, among others. However, lately, more and more health benefits were attributed to this “miracle” plant and its compounds. But, apparently, cannabis might improve women’s sex lives, and there are stories about this on the Internet and, above all, some experts tend to agree with that.

For example, one of the stories that show the benefits cannabis might have on women’s sex lives is that of Kinleigh Stewart, a 27-year-old woman from Ontario who had not been able to enjoy sex until she started using marijuana.

Kinleigh, who used to smoke pot as a teenager, decided to smoke marijuana right before sex and found out that having sexual intercourse while high helped her reach climax for the first time in her life, as reported by The Globe And Mail.

However, the idea that cannabis might boost the sexuality is not new.

Can cannabis improve women’s sex lives for real?

Charles Tart, a renowned American psychologist, published the “On Being Stoned: A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication” book in 1971, reporting the results of the survey he conducted on 150 pot smokers regarding their perceptions on several sensory experiences, sex included, while high. According to the participants in this study, cannabis boosted their sensorial perceptions, sex drive, and the feeling of closeness with their partners.

Also, some respondents reported they experienced more intense orgasms while stoned.

But, is there a reliable proof that cannabis might improve women’s sex lives? Well, according to Rany Shamloul from The Ottawa Hospital, a specialist in sexual health, “we’re in the preliminary stage of observing the phenomenon and we need to move on to explain why or how this is happening,” because indeed smoking pot impacts on men’s and women’s sexuality, but in different ways depending on the gender.

James Pfaus, a Psychology professor at Concordia University, also thinks that for women who are sexually inhibited, THC might act as a relaxant substance which might indeed help them overcome their inhibitions. Even though cannabis might improve women’s sex lives, Professor Pfaus warned, women who use it to have better sex might end up unable to enjoy sexual intercourse without it.


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