Breast Hypertrophy Makes Breasts Growing Without Limit In Women And Triggers Many Health Issues

Breast Hypertrophy Makes Breasts Growing Without Limit In Women And Triggers Many Health Issues

Sheridan Larkman, a 23-year-old Australian woman, said she had big breasts when she was only eight and they haven’t stopped growing ever since. Larkman reports in The West Australian newspaper that she has been diagnosed with breast hypertrophy.

Breast hypertrophy is a rare medical condition that affects breast tissue and causes breasts to grow large and disproportionate to the rest of the body, according to the NGO Breast Cancer UK.

The condition can affect one or both breasts and is not known exactly what causes it but, however, it is thought to be due to increased sensitivity to female sex hormones such as prolactin, which stimulates breast milk production.

From one case to another, it can be cataloged as macromastia and gigantomastia, the latter being the most severe case of hypertrophy.

Breast hypertrophy also leads to psychological consequences in the affected women

The condition usually appears after the first menstruation and it abruptly causes the breasts to grow a lot in short periods of time. In some cases, the growth is continuous and causes a lot of discomfort for the women who suffer from it. However, Breast Cancer UK warns that it is not a carcinogenic condition.

This excessive growth of the breasts leads to back pain, neck pain, stretch marks, and broken skin that can lead to infections, too.

There are also difficulties in living a normal life or doing physical exercises as they can be extremely painful for the women suffering from breast hypertrophy.

Besides, the consequences are also psychological.

The British public health service, the NHS, claims that many women are embarrassed and even depressed by this condition.

Sheridan Larkman, for her part, admitted that she suffered bullying at school when she was young and that her breasts, which she believes weigh between five and six kilos each, have caused chronic scoliosis.


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