Best Maternity Scrubs: Which One Is Better?

Best Maternity Scrubs: Which One Is Better?

If are an expectant mother, especially if it’s your first, you probably have a lot of questions about a ton of things, including the type of clothes you should wear at work.

And if you’re here, you might be wondering what maternity scrubs even are, if you actually even need them or how to pick the best ones!

First of all, maternity scrubs are essential as they ensure the utmost comfort for both the mother and the unborn baby while at work.

This way, the future mother can focus on her tasks without any unnecessary discomfort or worry.

The bottoms tend to offer a lot of support and they also keep the pregnant mother’s belly cozy and warm all throughout the day, making life a lot easier.

That being mentioned, it’s important to know that the best maternity scrubs on the market are able to provide the future mother with support, comfort, warmth and mobility so look out for that when you purchase your scrubs.

Another advantage of maternity scrubs is that it allows the future mother to carry gear comfortably in the super practical pockets it provides so that she can keep her hands free throughout the day.

Healthcare workers are busier than ever now that we are in a pandemic and the health care system is quite overwhelmed as it is but if you are also expecting a baby, there is no doubt that the hard work becomes even harder.

Busy mothers to be really need maternity scrubs that grow along with their baby bump and that offer them all the comfort and security they need throughout the day.

But picking the best ones for you can be hard and confusing which is why we’ve provided you with a comprehensive but simple guide as well as a list complete with links to where you can purchase your favorite!

Credit: Unsplash/Zach Lucero
Credit: Unsplash/Zach Lucero

That being said, take the following into consideration:


Whether it’s tops or bottoms, maternity scrubs usually come in a variety of sizes and fits, from petite to tall!

After all, it’s really important for your scrubs to not just accommodate you when you first purchase them but also throughout the rest of the pregnancy as your body changes.

All in all, it’s vital that you read the sizing guides carefully before making a choice so that you can really pick the right size and measurements for your body.


The best is to go for something that feels good on your skin and obviously, causes no irritation, itching or any other kind of discomfort.

The fabric should also be breathable and stretchy in order to accommodate your changing body.

The most common materials used to make maternity scrubs and scrubs in general are cotton, rayon, polyester spandex and more!

You should also try to pick materials that are able to absorb moisture really well, keeping you cool and comfortable since hot flushes are common during pregnancy.

Most of the time, the scrubs are made out of blended materials which makes sense as it makes them more durable for prolonged, everyday use.

Stretch and elasticity

As mentioned before, while carrying a baby your body is going to change a lot, which is why it is really important to get maternity scrubs that allow you the freedom to move and provide you with the utmost comfort in any given situation.

That being said, such scrubs tend to have different types of elasticity, some expanding from all sides while others only stretch from the sides or from the front.

There are even scrubs that provide the best support for your belly along with a snug leg fit while others have a more relaxed fit with a flared leg.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to find exactly what you need, especially if you are a really busy person.

So we have provided a list of some of the best maternity scrubs and links to where you can order them to make it easier for you!

Just follow the tips above and pick the best options for your particular situation!

Med Couture Women’s Maternity Scrub Pants

Med Couture Women’s Maternity Scrub Pants have a sleek and stylish design that also features a knit waist panel to ensure a secure and cozy fit for your baby bump.

These scrubs are made out of a polyester and spandex blend and will provide a lot of comfort for the wearer all throughout the day.

A great plus is that the fabric blend also features a 4-way energy stretch that will make sure you don’t lose any mobility while wearing them.

The pant legs also contribute to the overall comfort and freedom of movement too due to the bootcut bottom that is there to provide increased ankle mobility in addition to the side vents that promote airflow.

The last part is especially important for health care providers so that they remain cool during those long work days while also accommodating the nursing shoes.

The pants come with one back pocket for some small accessories but also with a larger cargo pocket on the left side.

These maternity scrubs come in many different sizes as well, being accommodating to most body types.

More precisely, the sizes vary from XS to 3XL which means you will likely have no issues finding your size no matter what pregnancy state you have already reached.

Not to mention that they are available in a variety of colors which means you can easily pick the one that most suits you or match it with the top.

Some of the colors it comes in are royal blue, navy, pewter and black.

Cherokee Workwear Professionals’ Maternity Soft Knit Scrub Pants

The Cherokee Workwear Professionals’ Maternity Soft Knit Scrub Pants have a straight leg design and are considered mid-rise.

They are designed with a cargo pocket and feature a stretchable waistband that will surely accommodate your growing belly as your body changes.

Not to mention that these pants come in pretty much all possible sizes, even including petite and tall sizes.

Soulful Scrubs Medical Scrub Top for Women

This scrub has a superior design that could really make your day a lot easier.

It is made out of polyester-spandex fabric blend which makes for a flattering and snug fit.

The fabric can be washed in the washing machine as well as tumble dried without having to worry about getting it all wrinkly.

It has a soft feel and is great at absorbing moisture, providing you with the utmost comfort.

It has a v-neck design that not only looks great but helps provide a little more space as your belly grows.

The style and detailing in stitches are impressive as well.

There are even side slits for some extra room and a plus of freedom of movement.

As for pockets, there are two front storage ones which is super convenient.

Urbane Ultimate Women’s Maternity Scrub Pant

These pants have a practical design and look super cool as well!

They are made out of rayon, polyester, and spandex and they feel really soft on the skin in addition to offering the appropriate amount of stretch.

Durable, these bottoms will certainly lost you those pregnancy months and above without even having to worry about fading!

There are 2 trouser-style side pockets as well as cargo pockets at the sides.

The tailoring is of high quality and the pants have a tapered design, flared bottoms and also side slits for more comfort and practicability, giving you a lot of room to move your legs during those long hours at work.

Of course, the waistband is stretchy and offers you the option to either pull it over the belly or keep it down based on how you feel most comfortable.

It comes in fun colors and can be washed in the washing machine.

Med Couture Maternity Scrub Top

The Med Couture Maternity Scrub Top comes features a classic v-neck design and is also adjustable in order to extend its comfortable wear-ability as the pregnancy advances.

There are also side bungees with toggles at the waist in order to adjust the side knit panels.

The said panels are made out of stretchy fabric with a plus of give in the top.

The is also a range of sizes from XS to 3XL and five color options .

This product is made out of an active stretch and cooling fabric that will help you keep up with all the demands of a busy work day while providing you with comfort.

The scrub also features two big patch pockets, perfect for storing all the essentials.

Barco Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Maternity Pant

The Barco Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Maternity Pant is ideal for the modern mother.

This is because it makes work much easier while expecting thanks to the great design and polyester and rayon fabrics and special polyester/spandex blend from around the waist.

The latter is able to provide your middle area with the needed elasticity for the best comfort and freedom of movement.

And if you are worried about keeping cool and dry the entire day, the ArcDry material with a moisture-wicking composition has your back!

As far as the design is concerned, it is rather simple, with only one cargo pockets and a cute Grey’s Anatomy detailing along the leg.

But precisely because of their simplicity, they look great with any scrub top!

The fabric is easy to clean and the three color options are all resistant to fading.

For some added visual appeal and additional airflow, there is some back detailing and side vents.

There are many size options from XS to 2XL so these pants can accommodate pretty much any body type.

Not to mention that Barco offers many scrub tops that perfectly match the pants if you want a more uniform look.

Landau – Urbane Ultimate Maternity Pant

Landau Urbane Ultimate Maternity Pant is an elegant maternity scrub bottom that features fresh lines and great colors.

These pants are made out of a rayon and polyester blend with some spandex added to make them more elastic and comfortable for any mom to be.

Around the belly, there is a stretchy knit band that can stretch and enlarge easily to keep you comfortable all throughout the pregnancy’s duration.

The waistband can also be pulled up over the belly if you need some more support as well as pulled down if, on the contrary, you need some more breathing room.

At the panel’s back, however, there is a tapered design that looks chic and can achieve a visually slimming look.

The legs feature a flare-leg design and side vents for a trendy style, extra comfort and freedom of movement.

There are three cargo pockets and two side pockets, allowing you to keep all the necessarily accessories at arm’s length at all times.

As for colors, there are 5 different options while the available sizes range between XS and XL.

Jockey Scrubs Women’s Ultimate Maternity Pant

Jockey Women’s Ultimate Maternity Pant scrubs are made out of polyester and cotton fabrics infused with some rayon and spandex to improve the feel and fit even more.

This also allows the stretchy belly panel to adapt to your growing belly.

The design features gorgeous mock fly detailing, making them really unique and aesthetic.

The leg has a straight fit and features a jockey logo detail for some more flair.

Furthermore, both legs have a side vent that helps with improved airflow and comfort around the ankles.

At the front, there are two small slip pockets while the back features two patch pockets.

It comes in three different color options, namely navy, charcoal and black.

Finally, the available sizes range between XS and 3XL.

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