Best 9 Double Strollers For Twins And Triplets

Best 9 Double Strollers For Twins And Triplets

If you’ve decided to have a baby you already know the struggles you had to face in order to get where you are now. Taking care of a baby is hard work but when you have multiples, that hard work only doubles! Going out with your twin infants is quite the challenge which is why you need a trusty double stroller!

It’s definitely very convenient for any parent to be able to take both babies to the park or even to the beach at the same time without having to drag around two separate strollers.

If you purchase a double stroller, things are instantly easier when in public but the issue is – how to choose? Like many other things today, the market is oversaturated with an array of brands and formats and the prices and features also range drastically.

You may be someone who likes to go jogging, in which case, a sturdier stroller that also comes with different features such as a speaker and water bottle is the perfect choice for you.

Or, you might need to take public transportation when you’re out with the twins, a situation in which a more lightweight stroller is what you should go with for convenience.

Regardless of your situation, there is something out there that is exactly what you need and you might even find it on this list. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. After giving birth to twins you might need to use a waist trainer, and the good news is that you can do it while taking your babies for a walk in your new stroller.

Here are 9 double strollers that range in price and features, all rated very highly by happy customers.

JOOVY Qool Single-to-Double Stroller

First of all, this one is an absolute godsend due to the fact that it’s pretty much a transformer, going from a single to a double and even a triple stroller!

It has no less than 50 different seating configurations – all you need to do is add the front adapter and, when you end up adding to the family, you can add the second seat with zero hassle!

Basically, it’s the only stroller you’ll ever need, regardless if you plan on having loads of kids or just the one!

And if you have kids a bit too old to ride inside the stroller but still young enough not to run around unsupervised, there is even a bench seat option with a weight limit of 55 pounds.

The stroller features a very convenient organizer for your phone and keys too so you’ll never forget where you put them.

Baby Jogger Weather Shield

The second entry on our list featured peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure so you can always keep an eye on your little ones.

Furthermore, this newer model of the Baby Jogger design is compatible with its double pram, which can be attached to the stroller.

This makes it much easier to move your babies from the stroller to your car without waking them up.

The brand also promises that their Forever Air rubber tires and all-wheel suspension make the stroller perfect for any terrain.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

The design of the Joovy Scooter is super comfortable! Your young ones can recline with no problem and will fall asleep in no time on the soft seats!

Not to mention that they recline independently, and so do the footrests, which means that one of them can take a nap while the other takes in the surroundings if they’re not as willing to snooze off during outings!

For the convenience of the parent, the stroller features a lot of storage as well, having a really spacious basket right under the seats, perfect for picnics or anything else!

It’s a very compact stroller, having a one hand easy fold feature. As a con, the stroller has pretty small wheels, which means that it’s mostly for indoor and pavement use – not so much on rougher terrain.

Graco Ready2Grow Double Stroller

The next recommendation is perfect if you’re looking for a more accessible product that does not compromise on quality!

After all, baby products, especially double strollers are not cheap at all so it makes sense that finding one that’s more budget-friendly is always a win.

The Graco infant carrier includes Click Connect features, which help with transporting the babies to the car and back to the stroller without disturbing their sleep.

Each seat reclines separately and has convertible safety straps so you can adjust the harness as they grow up a little more.

It can hold two children, weighing 40 pounds each, and can be easily folded with only one hand for easy transportation and storage.

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

This one is not only convenient but it is also aesthetically pleasing as well! The beautiful chariot is worth its steeper price, featuring a ventilated canopy for those hot days out in the sun.

The seats are reversible, which means that your toddler, or toddlers, can ride either facing the front or facing you and the reclining angle is just as adjustable.

Furthermore, it can be folded using only one hand and in a standing position so your lower back is sure to be protected from any unnecessary pain.

The adaptors allow you to add a seat or two for your twins or triplets (or similarly aged toddlers and babies) but that’s not all! If you have older kids, they can ride along on the board specially made for them that can be attached as well.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Convertable Stroller

Bugaboo may be a brand that is pricier than many others but it’s totally worth it according to the happy parents who swear by it.

The newest model from them is called the Donkey Duo 2 and it features two seats and a bassinet.

Despite this however, it’s also made to perfectly fit through doors with no issue.

Furthermore, due to the fact that it can be converted to a two-wheel position, it’s ideal on any terrain, even on snow and sand!

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that it’s not for newborns, this model being recommended for babies 6 months and up.

Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

The next model is perfect for traveling due to its lightweight design, weighing no more than 20 pounds!

In fact, since it meets the weight requirements, it can be gate-checked so don’t hesitate to take it with you next time you’re traveling by plane!

The steering is really easy as well and it has great storage!

Unfortunately, however, if you’re looking for an off-road stroller, this might not be the one for you.

This is because the small wheels make it perfect for indoor and sidewalk use but it’s definitely not recommended on rough terrain.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

If you’re a new parent who loves to jog every day, you know how hard that is with a baby in tow. But if you have twins, this becomes an even more difficult mission.

Fortunately for those who love fitness, this brand makes jogging with the little ones a lot easier and more enjoyable.

It features bicycle tires, a storage compartment, cup holders for your water and even an MP3-compatible plug-in tray!

It’s also super easy to fold and put in storage when it’s no longer in use so it’s never going to take up space unnecessarily!

All of this while not compromising on any other comfort feature like reclining seats or safety features, like the adjustable harness.

UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller

The last but not least entry on this list is a super lightweight option at only 22 pounds. Using this, you can rest assured that your back will thank you.

It’s recommended for babies three months and up and has reclining seats.

But most importantly, it’s foldable with just one hand and features a carry handle so you can take it from one place to another with the utmost ease.


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