Best 10 Baby Travel Systems

Best 10 Baby Travel Systems

New parents need all of the help that they can get, especially when it comes to the products they use with their newest additions to their families.

That being said, this guide is here to teach you everything you need to know about baby travel systems and also provide you with an extensive list containing some of the best ones on the market, complete with links to where you can order them!

But first, let’s start with the very beginning – what exactly is a travel system?

A travel system is actually a very useful, multi functional car seat for babies that can also get attached to a pushchair, making for a really convenient thing to own.

Furthermore, it is specifically made for newborns and can be bought either as part of a bundle or as a standalone pushchair depending on your unique needs.

There are also 3 in 1 travel systems that come with a baby car seat and a carrycot.

This sort of pushchair is super helpful for many parents out there, especially first time ones or just those who currently have a newborn but they are not for everybody.

You should know that there are also double buggies out there for those who have twins which is definitely good news since one baby is tricky enough so parents who have more need really good options even more.

Infant car seats and stroller bundles are designed in such a way that they will make totting your little one around easier and safer and they are overall a really good investment.

These bundles are usually referred to as travel systems and include an infant carrier that can be used as a car seat only to then easily and quickly click into a stroller.

As you can imagine, this allows parents to move their babies around to and from the car without actually unstrapping and waking them up.

After all, you only need to unclip the car seat from the base installed in the back seat and easily snap it into the stroller and you’re good to go! Same thing when you need to place the baby inside the car again – just do the opposite!

Of course, you need to take into consideration that most travel systems come with weight and height limits which means you can only safely use them up until that point.

Keep that in mind when picking your ideal travel system.

Furthermore, other details that may be able to help you decide on a particular item can be things like extra storage, wheel locks, the materials used and more.

Keep in mind that you can purchase a travel system as a package deal, offered as a 2 in 1 product by the same brand but also separately as a so called “make your own” seat and stroller bundle from different brands using adapters.

Naturally, package deals tend to be the most advantageous as they are more accessible and are also guaranteed to work together without the need for any adapters to be used.

However, if you’ve noticed a car seat and a stroller from different brands and really like them, you shouldn’t lose hope as they may just work together after all.

Just manage your expectations because not all do and you will most likely need adapters anyway.

But Is a Travel System Mandatory?

Obviously, parents can choose if they need one or not but keep in mind that it’s not only useful, it’s strongly recommended, especially for newborns.

After all, if your stroller does not come with a bassinet attachment and does not fully recline, it’s not suitable for newborn use.

In fact, it’s not really approved until they can sit up unassisted which happens around the age of 6 months.

And even if you do have such a stroller, you would still have to move the infant in between the car and stroller all the time, which is really inconvenient and will likely lead to a lot of crying fits whenever you wake them up by doing that.

This is where a travel system comes in, solving all of these problems and more before they finally start sitting all by themselves.

When Does a Travel System Come in Hand?

As you may have already figured out, travel systems are especially useful for newborn use but does that mean you can use them right after birth? Yes.

In fact, you will need a travel system if you’re planning on taking your newborn baby home by car from the hospital.

This is exactly why many parents start researching travel systems months before giving birth in order to be ready.

Between 6 and 9 months, your little one will start sitting up and will be much more curious about the world, wanting to check out the view.

That is exactly when you can upgrade to a full-size stroller on its own.

And since it can be used up until toddlerhood, you won’t have to upgrade to anything else after this.

After all, at that point they’ll be running around and you’ll struggle to have them sit down for too long even if you wanted to.

Are Travel Systems Really Safe for Newborns?

If you are worried about safety when it comes to your fragile new infant, don’t worry – the answer to this question is simple – yes.

However, there are still a few guidelines you should know about.

For instance, the American Academy of Pediatrics makes it very clear that car seats should never be used for sleep outside of a car.

In other words, if your baby falls asleep in the car seat, they should be placed in a bassinet or crib as soon as you reach home.

This is still the case if the little one is still asleep when you reach your destination.

Pediatrician Dr. Kelly Fradin points out that it’s best to remove them from the seat and transfer them to a safe, comfortable environment.

She explains: “However, many parents will want the child to finish their nap for a brief time. If you choose to do this to reduce the risk be sure that the baby isn’t overheating by removing all hats, blankets and ventilating your car. Also, keep the straps all snug and place the car seat on the floor under your supervision. If the babies are in an approved stroller with the car seat restrained properly, I think of it in the same as being in a car. Keep them cool and supervised.”

How to Pick the Best Travel System

Picking one travel system can be quite the struggle, perhaps even more so than most other items.

This is because it features two different products – a stroller and a car seat – and parents have to ensure both are the best they can be and they can get a lot of use out of them, whether together or separately.

A good place to start is acknowledging that you will be using the stroller for a longer period of time than the car seat.

Other than that, consider the travel system’s:

– Size and weight limitations as well as its own measurements since those determine the amount of portability you can get and whether or not the seat fits properly in your vehicle’s back seat.

– The type of terrain the stroller can handle.

– The ease of use which generally includes things like whether or not it’s easily washable, if it opens and closes, how easily it clicks into the car base or the stroller and more! After all, if you struggle with the latter too much, it’s going to completely defeat the purpose of even owning a travel system in the first place!

– The accessories it includes as well as extra features such as adjustable handlebar, canopy etc.

– Durability usually determined by the materials used to make the system and other smart design features.

– Harness adjustment and side-impact protection are other important elements to pay close attention to for the sake of your baby.

– The stroller should also feature a sturdy frame to keep the baby protected regardless of conversion.

– Other safety features you want to have are UPF canopy, stroller wheel locks, enhanced padding for the car seat and harness straps for stroller conversion.

– Extra safety features to look for include a UPF canopy, stroller wheel locks, harness straps (for stroller conversions), and enhanced padding in the car seat.

– Stroller Configuration Options. Some systems are made in such a way that your little one will be able to use it long after the infant stage while others are solely for that stage so pay close attention to such specifications so you purchase exactly what you need. This way you can narrow down the options quite a bit as well, making selection a little easier on you as well.

One thing you don’t really need to worry about is that the car seat follows the federal regulations put in place as all models, because no matter the price, they are required to.

Travel systems are also really useful for bigger families since they serve two purposes – they let you take a little one on all kinds of adventures while also allowing you to take a second child along for the ride without the need to drag around a bunch of equipment wherever you go.

In other words, one of the main benefits of travel systems is that they can accommodate more than one young family member.

This is obviously really helpful when traveling and carrying more than one stroller.

The strollers included in such systems are usually also more lightweight, making this task easier on parents and caretakers as well.

At this point, you might have already figured out that they are also super convenient and hassle free!

After all, it’s super easy to convert these strollers into car seats and right back into strollers while out and about on family adventures.

And if you have twins, you can simply purchase a double stroller, making your life a lot easier since it will allow you to handle both of them at the same time with little to no issues.

Travel systems are also easy to use and store since they are so lightweight. When not in use, they can be folded and put away in even the smallest storage spaces.

They are generally really comfortable for babies since they are cushioned and soft, helping the little ones stay relaxed and calm throughout the whole trip.

Other Factors to Consider When Picking a Travel System for Babies

–       Quality. As mentioned previously, the materials they are made out of are quite important if you’re planning on getting a lot of use out of them and keeping your little one as safe as possible at all times.

–       Storage Space. Naturally, if it has a lot of it, it’s a good thing so you should probably make sure there is enough for what you need before deciding on one system to buy. After all, that space can be used for keeping various things such as clothes, diapers, toys and more, all in the same place while traveling, making finding them super easy.

–       The Wheels’ Quality. Check the quality of the stroller’s wheels since they play such an important role in transporting your little one to and fro the car. More precisely, they should be made out of sturdy and durable materials. Most branded systems ensure quality and even come with a warranty so look out for that. You can also look at online reviews to learn more from actual customers that have already purchased the product.

All in all, it’s safe to say that purchasing a baby travel system is a really good idea if you are planning on traveling with your baby by car.

There are many types of strollers out here but travel systems are the best on the market, being the best choice you can make as a new parent.

They are not only convenient and easy to use but they also provide extra safety and peace of mind.

They can also be folded easily for the most convenient storage options.

That being said, here are some of the best baby travel systems on the market in no particular order and with direct links to where you can order them!

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  1. Bravo Trio Travel System

The Bravo Trio Travel System comes with great performance and a lot of features that will be worth your investment.

The stroller is versatile as it can even be used as a frame carrier and the car seat is a parent favorite and for a good reason!

Not only is the seat super easy to install, featuring buddle levels that ensure it’s positioned right in your vehicle for extra safety but the stroller also has a removable seat.

This means that it can transform from a lightweight frame that carries the infant seat to a full-featured stroller for toddler age whenever the seat is on.

To make life easier for the caretakers, the system even comes with cup holders for the adults as well as a tray that stands when folded, meant for your keys and phone.

On the other hand, keep in mind that this is not a high end stroller so the wheel shock absorption is not top tier although they do their job well.

Some reviewers mentioned that the materials used to make this item are not the most durable either.

Regardless, this is still a parent favorite at the end of the day, one positive review from a happy customer pointing out that “It is easy to use, somewhat lightweight and quite versatile because it goes from car to stroller really easy without having to wake up your baby.”

The car seat weighs 9.6 lbs, while the stroller is 23 lbs.

The baby’s weight range for using the car seat is between 4 and 30 lbs and the range for the stroller is 6 months, up to when they reach 50 lbs.

  1. CYBEX Solution B-Fix High Back Booster Seat

The BRITAX B-Lively and B-Safe Gen 2 Travel System is easy to fold and store, lightweight and has a machine washable cover!

On the other hand, you should be well aware that there is no cross compatibility involved, no child tray and the storage basket is hard to access when reclined.

With all that being said, this is one of the best rated travel systems for babies mainly thanks to the fact that it’s safe for use right after giving birth to your bundle of joy.

The car seat is lightweight and the bundle also comes with a base and a stroller that can be used along with the car seat.

As soon as your little one becomes too big for the infant car seat, the stroller turns into a standard stroller which is still really convenient since you can fold it using only one hand.

In addition to all of that, you’ll also be delighted to learn that there is also a UPF 50+ canopy that will keep your precious child protected from the harsh sun rays on those hot days.

As mentioned before, the carrier’s cover is removable and washing machine friendly so you can just toss in there when it’s time for a quick wash.

Parents will also really enjoy the extra storage space the stroller provides.

After all, it can store most necessities for the baby in there, all quickly accessible and easy to find.

The front swivel wheel for easy stroller steering is also a favorite amongst caregivers.

This bundle includes the stroller which measures 43 x 23 x 40 inches unfolded and weighs 20 pounds, an infant car seat base and the car seat measuring 17.9 x 25.85 x 26.6 inches and weighing 10.9 pounds.

The stroller’s weight use range is between newborn and 50 pounds.

The car seat’s weight limit is between 4 pounds and 35 pounds.

  1. Maxi-Cosi Zelia² 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia² 5-in-1 Modular Travel System pushchair and is one of the most accessible travel systems on the market, all the while also being one of the best in terms of design and quality.

“I have a Maxi-Cosi Zelia and I love it. It is lightweight so I can pick up the chassis one handed and it folds and unfolds really easily,” one reviewer shares.

First of all, parents seem to love it because it’s so lightweight, at only 9.6 kg while also being super sturdy.

Not to mention that it also features a two-in-one seat that also turns into a bassinet for your newborn.

It’s generally one of the best options out there for parents who don’t have a lot of storage and/or live in the city.

It’s easy to fold with just one hand and once that’s achieved, it’s super compact, being the perfect choice for people that lack a lot of storage space.

The handlebar is height adjustable and there is rear wheel suspension.

On the other hand, keep in mind that it may be a little tricky to change seat position with a heavier child and the frame is a little wide so you might struggle to fit it through narrow doorways.

It is suitable for use from birth and up to when your little one reaches 15 kg.

When folded, it measures ‎37.01 x 28.35 x 44.88 inches and weighs ‎21.3 pounds.

Finally, it even comes with a rain cover and boot cover/apron.

  1. Bugaboo Fox 3

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is made by a parent favorite brand and it makes complete sense as to why!

The Fox is actually one of their newest modest and like the animal they named it after, it is meant to be smart and versatile and fit seamless into any family’s everyday life.

One excited reviewer praised that “It will last forever. So practical and light, and it also has a great carrycot.”

It has a slim frame, a high seat position and even has a super compact fold so it’s safe to say that it goes above and beyond to make parents and caretakers’ lives as easy as possible.

It is a great choice for parents who live an active life and need a pushchair that can really handle that fast pace without slowing them down or giving them any kind of headaches along the way.

It is designed with an unique ballpoint brake, all wheel suspension, a slimline, lightweight frame and a large storage basket with built in pockets.

Not to mention how stylish it looks!

The five point harness it comes with is super easy to use.

The only downside is that most of the amazing accessories you can use with this need to be purchases separately, including a rain cover.

But it does, however, include some extra wheel caps.

It is suitable from birth and up to when your little one reaches 17 kg.

There are 4 wheels and it’s also car seat compatible.

Folded, it measures H 19 x W 54 x L 66 cm and weighs 9.9kg.

  1. Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip Carry Cot – Navy

The Mamas and Papas Ocarro is a luxury pushchair that does a great job regardless of terrain, providing parents and babies with a lot of stability, safety and comfort.

One happy customer shared that “My Ocarro has been fantastic. Big solid wheels for off-road, gorgeous design, big basket, very sturdy and cosy. Just a beautiful handy buggy.”

Of course, being able to handle all kinds of terrain without any fuss also means it’s not as lightweight as other such products, having a robust frame and dual suspension instead.

This travel system is ideal for parents who live in the country or like going on long walks in the countryside with their babies.

Those who don’t use public transport every day or need their stroller to have a lot of on board storage space will also love it.

It is designed with a large, extendable sunshade, chunky, puncture-resistant tires, a padded seat pillow and chest pads, a large storage basket and reflective trim on the wheels.

Large extendable sunshade

When folded, it is freestanding and quite compact.

Keep in mind that the basket can be loaded only from the back and the whole frame is a bit too heavy to comfortably carry around.

It’s suitable from birth and up to when your baby reaches 15 kg and is car seat compatible.

Folded, it measures H 37 x W 58 x L 76 cm and weighs 13.5kg.

Finally, it comes with a bumper bar and a rain cover.

  1. Doona Car Seat and Pram

The Doona Car Seat and Pram is easy to push and fold down and comes in a variety of fun color options.

On the other hand, it might not have enough storage depending on each parent’s needs and might also be a little short to comfortably push for taller adults.

This stroller and car seat bundle is simple and compact so it’s perfect for people who just want something that will do its job and get them through their little one’s infant stage.

You’ll also get a car seat base to install in your car and a carrier that turns into a stroller without the need for any other pieces or accessories.

The carrier’s handle can extend out when it’s set up as a stroller in order to make it easier to push.

Then, when you’re ready to get back into your vehicle, you can simply collapse the entire stroller into the infant carrier and click it into the base super easily!

The carrier meets all the safety features required by US standards.

The travel system includes an infant car seat, a seat protector and a base as well as a stroller.

The car seat measures 23.6 x 17.3 x 26 inches folded and is suitable for little ones that weigh between 4 and 35 pounds and are 32 inches tall at most.

  1. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With Safe Max Car Seat

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With Safe Max Car Seat offers high end features such as six different stroller seating configurations.

The car seat exceeds the industry’s safety standards as well so you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands.

Many parents who use it are super happy with their decision since it offers so much while also being accessible.

The Pivot allows parents to turn the regular seat into a newborn bassinet and also comes with a variety of accessories including a removable child tray, a large canopy and a seat that can face either forward or toward the parent.

As mentioned before, the safety it provides exceeds all the industry standards by a lot as well!

For instance, the base is made out of impact absorbing materials and features a roll bar meant to deflect the force in case of a crash.

Keep in mind that some reviewers did mention it may take a little finesse to attach the seat to the stroller sometimes.

At the same time, many were still really impressed, one sharing that “I like the flexibility — it can easily change from holding the car seat to a bassinet to a “big kid” seat.”

The car seat weighs 7.6 lbs and the weight range for the baby is 4 lbs to 35 lbs.

The stroller weighs 20 lbs and can be used from birth and up to when they reach 50 lbs so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

  1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is designed with

Super affordable jogging stroller XL wheels, perfect for any terrain so it’s the ideal choice for parents who like to go on many walks or even jogs with their little ones or live in the countryside.

It features an oversized storage basket as well, which is just as useful for storing everything the baby needs.

This travel stroller is able to make quick, sharp turns thanks to its bicycle wheels that can go over uneven pavement, grass and even gravel.

And when you’re all done, it takes no effort to fold it and put it away.

All you need to do is pull the triggers beside the handlebar and you’re done!

You should know, however, that you shouldn’t really go on jogs with your little one before they can actually sit up and have really good control of their neck and head which is usually around the age of 8 months. Otherwise, you might end up injuring them and no one wants that.

“I am tall so this stroller was really great for my height. The price was right and the car seat was lightweight too. It didn’t take up a lot of space in my small vehicle and was easy to attach to the stroller. I also love how smooth the jogging stroller was to push,” one parent says about this travel system.

The car seat weighs 10 lbs and is recommended for little ones between 4 and 30 lbs.

The stroller, on the other hand, weighs 27 lbs and can be used between birth and 50 lbs.

  1. Britax B-Free and B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit Travel System

The Britax B-Free and B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit Travel System has one of the highest weight limits out of all travel systems on this list which means you will get a lot of use out of it, being a really durable option.

It is also easy to push and turn and comes with an extended canopy.

The tall seat is roomy enough that you’ll be able to easily accommodate your little one until they reach 65 pounds, which is far more than the usual 50 pound limit most strollers out there have.

This, of course, means you can use this stroller up until your child doesn’t need one anymore, which is really convenient.

The canopy is SPF 50 and really large, keeping your child nearly fully in the shade at all times, protecting them from those harsh sun rays but also from wind and rain when extended to its full capacity.

It is designed with a one-hand fold system as well, which locks the stroller into a self-stand position.

It comes with a storage basket that can be accessed from either the back or the front and if that’s not enough, you’ll be happy to learn that there are also no less than seven storage pockets where you can place all your necessities whenever you’re on a walk, such as keys, phone and more – separate from the baby stuff you can store in the basket.

Furthermore, you can use it with the B-Safe car seat from day one and you’ll love it for many years!

On the other hand, before you decide, you should know that the seats are hand wash only.

Furthermore the handlebar may have six different positions but it does not telescope up.

One positive review from a happy customer says that “Wheels work on all sorts of terrain, but aren’t cumbersome like a jogging stroller. Just enough storage without being over-engineered. Folds quickly and easily.”

The car seat’s weight is 11.6 lbs and can be used when the baby weighs between 4 and 35 lbs.

As for the stroller, it weighs 22 lbs by itself.

  1. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller is able to grow with your little one, which makes it durable and therefore worth the investment.

Furthermore, it’s super versatile as well since it has a variety of configurations and luxury features.

The Vista can accommodate two infant car seats, two bassinets and many other combinations so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

It’s a true joy to push since it steers really easily with just one hand and turns just as smoothly.

It does just as great on rougher surfaces too such as cracked pavement and even gravel.

The infant car seat is reversible and can be used either parent facing or front facing and the toddler seating is designed with the same feature.

It comes with a huge SPF 50 canopy that will provide your little one with all the shade they need during those hot summer days.

There is even a massive storage basket that easily fits everything you need and a telescoping handlebar.

Finally, it features a red to green light indicator on the car seat base that will let you know when it is properly secured.

Just keep in mind that this travel system may be a little bulky and hard to maneuver whenever its carrying two kids but at the end of the day, that’s just something you can’t really avoid if you have multiples.

“The flexibility!!! It was wonderful with one child and a lifesaver now that we have two of them under two. It has incredible storage capacity, many configurations and it is so easy to use!!!” one happy parent shared in a review.

The car seat weighs 9.9 lbs and can be used by children between 4 and 35 lbs.

The stroller weighs 26.6 lbs all by itself and is recommended for use between birth and up to 50 lbs.

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