A Woman Got Second-Degree Burns After Using Banana Boat 50 Sunscreen

A Woman Got Second-Degree Burns After Using Banana Boat 50 Sunscreen

Sarah Maden, aged 35, got blisters and second-degree burns after using Banana Boat 50 Sunscreen.

The woman went to a beach on Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia during her December holiday. She chose to use Banana Boat 50 Sunscreen, a decision that she will maybe regret her whole life. Even though she respected the producer’s indications, the cream didn’t act as expected and caused severe burns and blisters to Sarah.

‘I felt like my back was on fire’

The woman stated she is absolutely positive she applied the cream properly and she even reapplied it after each swimming session, even though the Banana Boat’s producers assure their customers that the cream is water resistant. However, later that night, Sarah felt sunburning-like sensation.

Next morning, Sarah woke up in agonizing pain and when she looked into the mirror she was completely terrified. She had few big blisters and fire-red areas on her back.

Doctors warned her she can develop skin cancer

Sarah went to the hospital to get treated. Doctors gave her the necessary aid and prescribed her painkillers but warned her that she might develop skin cancer because of the severity of the sunburns she has been exposed to.

Sarah is now obliged to visit her doctor every once in a while to do regular melanoma check-ups in order to be sure she is safe.

Banana Boat 50’s manufacturers came out clean

Edgewell Personal Care, the company that produces Banana Boat 50 sunscreen, stated that they’re sorry about Sarah’s bad experience with their product but that their product is in accordance with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association’s directives.

The company’s representatives also added that their products are clearly labeling that it is recommended for people to take more measures to protect themselves from the UV rays beside protective creams because no cream, even an SPF50 one, can’t offer a 100% effective protection from the sun.

In conclusion, Edgewell Personal Care came out clean, even though a woman got second-degree burns after using Banana Boat 50 sunscreen, which is one of the company’s products.


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