Top Essential Oils for Depression

Top Essential Oils for Depression

Depression is very common nowadays and you might be suffering from it without knowing. You should look out for symptoms such as moodiness, fatigue, low self-esteem, and sadness. According to websites such as, essential oils are great for treating depression.

In clinical trials, essential oils have been shown to improve mood. Once the fragrances reach the brain, they serve as triggers for our emotions. Your limbic system assesses your sensory stimuli and registers danger, pleasure, and pain. This ultimately directs your emotional responses, which include depression, fear, and anger. Here are the essential oils that you can use to treat depression:


Lavender oil benefits people’s moods and has been used to treat depression for a long time. Moreover, there are no adverse effects after using lavender oil to treat anxiety and depression.

This is wonderful news because we know that synthetic medication for treating depression has many negative side effects.

A study done in 2012 showed that diffusing lavender essential oils helps women to beat postnatal depression and reduce anxiety within four weeks of treatment. People suffering from PTSD were also involved in a study that showed improved moods after using lavender essential oil. The results showed that lavender oil decreases depression dramatically when used daily by people suffering from PTSD.

If you want to induce sleep and relieve stress, you should diffuse lavender essential oil while in bed or when winding down before bed. If you do not have a diffuser, you can rub the oil behind your ears to experience the same benefits.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most effective remedies for promoting relaxation and fighting stress. For this reason, it is used in aromatherapy products such as candles and tea. Roman chamomile soothes your emotions in a way that treats depression.

As a natural remedy for anxiety and general depression, you should inhale chamomile vapors.


This essential oil is a good antidepressant because it is stimulating. It gives you a feeling of joy, energy, and freshness by improving your blood circulation. Bergamot oil has also shown its ability to work as an anti-anxiety remedy.

According to a study, bergamot oil mixed with lavender essential oil was shown to treat depression in the participants. They were analyzed based on skin temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rates. Moreover, the subjects had to rate their own emotional condition – attentiveness, calmness, vigor, and alertness – and assess changes in behavior.

The blended oils caused a decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate. If you want to use bergamot oil to treat depression, you can just put two drops in the palms of your hands and cup your mouth and nose. You should also try rubbing the oil on your stomach and feet.

Ylang Ylang

Although this essential oil has a funny name, it helps to keep depression at bay as well as the negative emotions that are associated with it. When you inhale it, you will experience some immediate and positive changes in your mood, which makes ylang ylang a great remedy for depression. According to research, this essential oil can be used to get rid of negative emotions such as low self-esteem and anger.

It works because it has sedative effects that help you to relax by lowering stress responses. To enhance your confidence and mood, you should consider diffusing the oil with a diffuser or massaging it into your tissues.

The above oils will help you to keep depression at bay without experiencing any negative side effects. You can use a diffuser, rub the oils behind your ears, or get a full body massage with the essential oils.


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