This Woman Went Through Hell After She Used Essential Oils the Wrong Way

This Woman Went Through Hell After She Used Essential Oils the Wrong Way

Who would have thought that using natural essential oils could be such a problem to your skin? And they could damage it if you don’t pay attention to instructions on how to apply it, if it needs to be diluted and if you should avoid direct exposure to the sun or to UV lights.

Even though they are natural and non-toxic, if you misuse them you might have a bad time. For example, Elise Nguyen went through an unfortunate experience. She didn’t pay attention to the instructions on the label and she ended having photo-toxicity.

The term refers to a reaction in the skin due to exposing it to UV light after using essential oils. This can last for weeks and involves sunburns, darkening of the skin, swelling and blistering. After she applied the oils, she used a tanning bed to get a base tan. But the instructions mentioned not to expose the skin to UV light for up to 18 hours after using the oils.

At first, her skin appeared red and she brushed it off, thinking that she might be allergic to a new detergent but when things got worse, she understood that it became a chemical burn. Some essential oils contain furanocoumarins and these easily react to UV lights.

After the redness she got blisters on the spots she applied the oils and her second layer of skin got exposed, leaving open sores. It lasted more than 22 days after she first misused the product. She posted on social media after her painful experience to raise awareness for those who use essential oils. She recommended that they read the instructions and stay out of sunlight for at least 12 hours after application.

Nguyen doesn’t blame the product manufacturer, as they did their job and wrote the instructions on their label, but she wants other people to know and be aware of the dangers of misusing products, as they will put their health to risks.

If you use essential oils, then dilute them as it is suggested on their labels and cover the skin where you applied the oil with a thick fabric if you really need to go out when it’s sunny.


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