Shaving Foam Is A Surprising Remedy To Relieve Sunburn Symptoms

Shaving Foam Is A Surprising Remedy To Relieve Sunburn Symptoms

Menthol-containing shaving foam can be an effective, but most surprising, alternative for cooling the skin and relieving the effects of mild sunburn, those known as grade 1 burns. This remedy is recognized by dermatologists and could prove useful when you forget to put some UV-protective cream on when getting a tan.

The fashion for applying this type of substance to the skin comes from a viral publication shared more than 230,000 times on social networks by an American woman, Cindie Allen-Stewart, who claims to have relieved the symptoms of a mild sunburn after hours of sun exposure.

Dermatologists agree that this surprising remedy relieves sunburn pains, but not because of the characteristics of shaving cream itself, but because it has a specific anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect, such as aloe vera, and also moisturizes, which provides comfort.

In any case, they point out that these substances do not heal, but relieve the pains caused by a mild sunburn.

Shaving foam does not heal the effects of severe sunburn and cannot substitute regular sunscreen products

Experts stress that the menthol does not cure or prevent the long-term damage caused by sunburning. According to the dermatologists, we can treat the acute effect of a mild or severe sunburn with shaving cream, but we wouldn’t treat damaged cells.

Also, for the annoying effects of sunbathing, you can treat yourself with shaving foam only to alleviate the burning sensations and the potential pains. Otherwise, the key is to avoid getting sunburned and protect yourself well from the sun, because your skin has its own “memory” and any sunburn may have caused damage to your DNA which, over time and in the face of repeated exposures, can lead to other, more severe health problems.

Thus, the dermatologists stress that if after prolonged exposure to the sun blisters occur and the skin tissue is altered, it is essential to seek medical attention, so that a professional prescribe some topical antibiotic so that the wound is not getting infected.


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