Learn How To Prevent And Reverse Hair Loss With These 6 Tricks

Learn How To Prevent And Reverse Hair Loss With These 6 Tricks

Losing hair on the top of your head is a natural thing, but when you feel like it has gotten a little out of control it’s normal to get a little worried.

Whether you have a genetic heritage or not, you can change your situation with a few life hacks. But before doing so, check with your doctor to see if you suffer from a condition that would cause hormonal issues.

If you don’t have health problems that could cause hair loss, you should try some of these solutions:

Change your diet

Hair is a part of your body so if you eat proteins to build muscles and consume fats in order to keep the brain healthy, you should also eat something that would make you have a healthy and thick hair.

Now don’t get sad, we’re not making you go on a strict diet! Just add to your plate some lean meat, green veggies and fish that contain protein, vitamin B 12 and zinc. Consult with your doctor if it’s okay to take some iron supplements and you have the nutritious part covered.

Stop stressing so much!

Stress is the affliction of this century and everyone suffers from it. So it’s hard to not be stressed but if you want your hair to be healthy and not fall out, try to chill more and search for tips on how to stop stressing yourself.

Gently rub your scalp

It’s a relaxing massage and it will also increase the blood flow in your scalp. The hair grows from your scalp so you should make sure it’s healthy.

Try some hair growth treatments

There’s a lot of commercials that look like a scam, but some products really work. Consult a doctor to help you choose a product that contains useful ingredients and try them yourself. Just like other treatments, you will only notice the difference after a few months.

Stop curling and ironing your hair

Stop using a hair dryer, a hot curler and a flat iron, because these make your hair thinner. This will not stop hair loss but will help your hair look healthier and thicker. You should also consider not dying your hair anymore since the chemicals in dyes are bad for your hair.

Hair transplants

As a last resort for people who are very desperate, there’s always hair transplants. It is costly and painful, but it will do the job as long as you follow all the post-procedure instructions.


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