How to Avoid Typical Mistakes in Dating a Russian Girl

How to Avoid Typical Mistakes in Dating a Russian Girl

When you’ve just started dating, it is easy to make a lot of mistakes. Why does it happen? When you like a girl and you’ve just started talking to her, you try to impress her and show your best side. In addition, there is a strong desire to please the new acquaintance by all means. Be careful! It is easier to destroy the relationship than you may think. 

Typical Mistakes in Russian Girl Dating

The major Russian girl dating agencies analyzed the reasons for failing relationships. They came up with a list of the most destructive missteps. Keep reading to learn more and change your communication style.

Thinking she loves you because you are a Western man

When many Western world men think about how to date a Russian girl, they believe that Russian girls are sure to like them just because they are from a well-developed country. That is quite a false statement. Do not show your superiority: better charm your date by sharing your interests or hobbies. 

Talking only about yourself

A meaningful conversation with a young Russian woman is the key to success. If you keep chattering without a pause, she will not like it. Keep the intrigue. The less you say, the more attractive and mysterious you look. Rather than speaking about yourself, it is a good idea to ask questions. However, keep the balance and do not turn the date into an interview. The best way is to have a real dialogue when you both can express yourselves.


Expressing your sexual desires to her

Never start a conversation about sex or your sexual preferences during your first dates with a typical Russian girl. Such topics can easily scare her off or convince her that you care only about sex. Try to learn each other better and then, of course, you will feel when the right time comes to start a conversation about your sexual life. 

Believing stereotypes about a typical Russian girl

There are plenty of tips on how to date a Russian woman, however, they refer to the most typical stereotypes. Knowing some facts about the Russian culture or way of life can be helpful, but do not trust them blindly. Try to avoid pointing out the stereotypes you might have heard about Russian girls. It is better to show your interest in her as a person.

Avoiding Typical Mistakes with a Russian Girl: Conclusion

Finding Russian girls for marriage can be challenging. If you would like to charm a Russian girl, several typical mistakes can easily destroy your chances. You should be gentle, interested in her life, attentive, supportive, and a good listener. Do not trust everything you hear about Russian women and better learn from your own experience. Keeping in mind our advice will help you to win her heart.

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