Essential oils for Anxiety

Essential oils for Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety every day can be overwhelming. Knowing there is a natural solution to help you cope is very reassuring. They are inexpensive, readily accessible and can be used when needed.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and it is no wonder they are still used today. Aromatherapy is a thriving alternative method of dealing with many of our conditions, and those with anxiety are benefiting greatly.

How to use Essential Oils

  • Add them to your bath. A few candles with the lights lowered and a few drops of essential oil can ease away the stresses of the day.
  • Use as a massage oil, rub into your pulse points on wrists and temples for a calming and relaxing effect. Rub your feet, neck, or any other area you carry stress.
  • Put on a handkerchief to inhale when needed. This method is great for use in the car, on transit, at work, anywhere that triggers your stress and anxiety.
  • Use in a diffuser for a great, long-lasting effect for you and everyone in the home.

Top Oils for Anxiety

Lavender: The delicate and soothing scent of lavender make it one of the most popular essential oils for calming and stress relief.

It can aid in better sleep, helps you relax and concentrate better and it works quickly when applied to the skin, or inhaled.

Rose: This is another very popular choice in essential oils for relieving stress and anxiety. It can calm you down of you are having a panic attack, it works with depression and shock and grief.

Put in the bath, rub it into the skin, it is perfect for anxieties and stress.

Chamomile: We know how soothing and mild it is in a tea, it has the same effect in an essential oil. Let is sooth away your stress and worry, it will take away your anger and boost your inner peace. It is one of nature’s best natural anti-depressants and brings peace, calm and harmony to your life.

Jasmine: Here’s another perfect calming oil, Jasmine has a long history of being used for stress and anxiety. Insomnia, low sex drive and depression can all be relieved with jasmine. It will give you a boost of self-confidence and help pick up your mood.

Peppermint: Peppermint is a soothing flavor and scent so it will work in relieving your stress and anxiety. It also can perk you up, help with your drowsy feeling and make you feel refreshed.

Finding the essential oil that works best for you might take a few trial and errors, but they are a great, all natural way to beat stress and anxiety without the use of medications, that can just make you feel worse. It helps to start with the best brands of essential oils and then select the ones that are right for you.

Try a few of your favorite scents and find the ones that help you get past your anxiety and relax and reclaim your life.




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