Amazing Homemade Remedies Against Acne That Have Been Tested

Amazing Homemade Remedies Against Acne That Have Been Tested

Of course, if you have this condition you have already tried a number of methods in an attempt to cure it, but maybe you did not take into account these surprising treatments for acne.
Acne can manifest at any time from an early age to old age. The condition is more frequent and in more pronounced forms during adolescence or around the age of 20 years. The explanation is that at this age hormone levels are higher, especially testosterone.

Home Remedies Against Acne
Few dermatologists would recommend these popular anti-acne treatments. There are also no studies to prove their effectiveness but a lot of people are using them and they guarantee their results.

It’s time to find out what remedies you can try:
– Apply toothpaste in a thin layer and let it work overnight. In the morning rinse well. Some say it works;
– Apply egg white foam on the skin. Remove it after 10 minutes;
– Put on the acne affected area the paste you made from a few cloves of garlic. Remove after a few minutes;
– Cover the face with honey, let it dry and act overnight. It is said to act against bacteria, prevent and reduce acne. Honey has strong antibacterial qualities, but it is still unclear what its effect is on acne;
– Lemon contains glycolic acid that is used by dermatologists to exfoliate the skin. Pour diluted lemon juice and wash after 15 minutes or simply wipe the skin with a cotton disk.

Heat Therapy
When combined with light-based treatments, heat therapy (administered by a dermatologist) can destroy bacteria that cause acne and can reduce the size of sebaceous glands that are often obstructed by the oil they produce. Once diminished, the glands produce less sebum, which normally means fewer complications.

The level of heat involved in the destruction of bacteria stimulates the chemical reaction underlying this form of therapy. Persons undergoing heat treatment may experience redness in treated areas, but this is temporary and passes in a few hours.

The duration of the therapy could exceed one month, but the results could be observed after two weeks. Appliances that use heat in the fight against acne are also available for home use. The treatment may take from a few seconds to a few minutes. Even if these devices do not reach temperatures high enough to kill the bacteria, they can diminish them.


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