5 Makeup Tips On How To Apply It Correctly

5 Makeup Tips On How To Apply It Correctly

Makeup helps you whenever you want to look impeccable that’s why it is considered to be a seduction weapon. However, it can have negative effects if it is not applied properly. That’s why you should be careful every time you do it and take into consideration the following rules.

Too much foundation

If you want a neat makeup and a beautiful skin, take a few minutes to pay attention to it. Follow the three steps of care-cleansing, toning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen or foundation. Foundation is a girl’s best friend when you want your skin to look impeccable. But if it is used excessively, the skin ages prematurely. Let your skin breathe and when you get home do not wait until late at night to take off all that makeup. Use thermal water or mattifying tissues to refresh your complexion during the day.

Every day makeup and evening makeup

Another common mistake is applying a strong makeup during the day. To avoid this, get ready in the light of the day. The artificial neon light from your bathroom masks certain defects that will be extremely visible outside. Also, during the day it is best not to use a lot of products. Too much foundation during the day can emphasize wrinkles. In the evening, it is best to accentuate your eyes or your lips, but not both.

Natural blush

Choose a color of the shade that suits your skin’s shade. It has to be aligned with the skin, not in contrast. Pink, peach, or brown blushes are best suited for a natural look. To blend it correctly you need, first of all, a special brush. If you want the best results, shake the brush a bit before applying the product to the face, to remove the surplus. Apply the blush only on the upper areas of the cheekbones, slightly blended to the temples.

Too much mascara

Applying too much mascara is not always such a good idea as it can give you a messy look. To avoid this unpleasant effect, before applying mascara, make sure that your eyelashes are thoroughly cleaned. Start from the roots in a zigzag movement. Do not apply more than two layers, otherwise, they will stick together. At the end define them with a special brush, which separates them and removes the excess product.

Dark lips do not suit anyone

Lipstick is an essential element in makeup because it defines the shape of your lips and gives them volume. Therefore, it should be carefully chosen, depending on the skin tone, but also on the shape of the lips. Very dark lipsticks can thin the lips. In addition, such strong colors are not suitable for your everyday makeup.


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