Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren to do Together

Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren to do Together

Finding activities that can entertain people from multiple generations can sometimes be a challenge, but it is certainly not impossible. Spending quality time with your family benefits everyone, but it is also a great way for children to be exposed to new things. Here are some simple activities that grandparents and grandchildren can do together.

Go On a Walk

Walking is a great activity to kill two birds with one stone. Not only are you getting some exercise and fresh air,  but it is also a great time to have conversations. Walking is something that anyone can do relatively easily and it is great exercise for grandparents. You can make the most out of your walks by bringing along a bird book and searching for all of the different kinds of birds, or collecting leaves to use in a project later. You can also take a walk anywhere, for example, you might start out walking around your neighborhood, then next time head to a nearby park or trail. Mixing up the location will add some entertainment to your walk.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking or baking is one of the best activities you can do with anyone, but especially for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren. Especially if the children are younger, cooking together is a great way to have fun and teach them something at the same time. When you create something together, you get to enjoy it afterwards. Food is one of the best ways to share your love, and you’ll be able to bond over both the process and the reward after.

Arts and Crafts

Just as cooking or baking allows you to create something together, so does doing an art project. You don’t have to be a naturally artistic person to enjoy getting a little creative and making something new. Even art as simple as coloring or painting a stencil can be relaxing and fun, and it gives you plenty of time to chat at the same time. You can use things you collected on your walk to make a unique art project.

For example, at Christmas time you could go out for a walk and collect things like pine cones, holly branches, pine, and more to make a holiday wreath. If you live in a retirement community, you ask about hanging your creations in a communal space for everyone to enjoy.

Puzzles and Board Games

If you are a family who enjoys a little bit of friendly competition, board games and puzzles are a great casual activity for any age. These activities are great as well because they force everyone to use their brains. It’s easy to turn on a movie or tv show, but doing something like playing a board game is fun, and pulls everyone’s heads out of their devices.

Today, kids don’t play board games as much as they used to, so showing your grandchildren some of the games you loved as a child, or that their parents loved when they were young might actually really impress them. Something you see as being outdated is going to be a novelty to someone in a different generation.

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