Top Intellectual Warns That Humanity is Approaching the Most Dangerous Times in History

Top Intellectual Warns That Humanity is Approaching the Most Dangerous Times in History

It’s perhaps clear to everybody at this point that the world has been through better times. The COVID pandemic is still not over, climate change keeps causing a lot of trouble, and let’s all hope that the war in Ukraine won’t go in a completely horrible direction.

Noam Chomsky is one of the world’s most illustrious and smart people alive. The 93-year-old historian, philosopher, scientist, and political activist is bringing a major warning for us all while talking for New Statesman.

Chomsky said it clear:

We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history.

Chomsky had plenty to say about climate change as well. He said as quotes:

There is no one other than Donald Trump –in history– who has done more to try to drive the human race to extinction.

The subject of the war between Russia and Ukraine hasn’t been neglected at all by Chomsky, who also explained as quotes:

The other way would be to look at the facts: for example, that in September 2021 the United States came out with a strong policy statement, calling for enhanced military cooperation with Ukraine, further sending of advanced military weapons, all part of the enhancement programme of Ukraine joining Nato. You can take your choice, we don’t know which is right. What we do know is that Ukraine will be further devastated. And we may move on to terminal nuclear war if we do not pursue the opportunities that exist for a negotiated settlement.

However, if we rule out Chomsky’s claims, we can conclude that the COVID pandemic seems to be approaching its end. Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has been one of the world’s main issues, and everybody has been impacted by it in one form or another. 

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