Tiny Black Holes Can Become Sources Of Nuclear Power

Tiny Black Holes Can Become Sources Of Nuclear Power

It has been revealed that tiny black holes are able to become sources of nuclear power. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Black holes can be sources of nuclear power

The idea of black holes often instills fear and apprehension in people due to their reputation of being inescapable and consuming everything that comes near them. However, the accuracy of these beliefs is debatable at best and incorrect at worst.

Recently, two physicists from Tianjin University in China, Zhan-Feng Mai and Run-Qiu Yang, have calculated a way to extract energy from these ultradense objects.

They found that teeny tiny black holes could potentially be used as rechargeable batteries and nuclear reactors, providing energy on a massive scale of gigaelectronvolts. It’s important to note that the energy extracted doesn’t come from within the black hole, but just outside it, where the strongest known concentrations of gravity in the Universe exist.

Black holes are present in our Universe but are not always easy to detect. They can have a mass ranging from five times the mass of the Sun to tens of billions of solar masses.

Primordial black holes are a different weight class and could be as small as subatomic sizes. These black holes are believed to have formed due to overdensities in the primordial plasma after the Big Bang, while stellar black holes are formed from the collapsed cores of massive dead stars.

Although we are uncertain about their existence, primordial black holes offer many possibilities and could potentially be a candidate for dark matter.

It appears that we may have a chance to utilize these theoretical dimples in space-time for some purpose.

A battery transforms non-electrical energy into electrical energy, while a nuclear reactor captures the energy of nuclear reactions to generate power.

According to Mai and Yang, a miniature black hole could potentially accomplish both tasks.

“Taking the fact that the black hole has extremely strong gravitational force, an interesting question arises: considering at least theoretically, could we use the gravitational force of black holes to generate electric energy, i.e. make use of black holes as batteries?,” they write in their paper.

“In this paper, we argue theoretically that we can use a Schwarzschild black hole as a rechargeable battery.”

Check out even more intriguing details about this in the original article. 

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