Sweden Is Going Against The Cashless Agenda

Sweden Is Going Against The Cashless Agenda

According to the latest reports, it looks like Sweden is now going against the cashless agenda. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Sweden is going against the cashless agenda

“The right-wing Swedish government is looking at strengthening the use of physical cash for the future and FORCE shops to accept cash.

What’s going on, is this really happening? Sweden is suddenly doing one good thing after another. Recently, they scrapped Agenda 2030 goals from government directives, and they also scrapped climate taxes on fuel. Now the new right-wing government is wanting to strengthen the use of physical cash, something that goes against the cashless agenda,” Peter Sweden notes.

“The government is appointing an investigator to come up with ideas to support people’s right to pay with physical cash. This could be because some people simply don’t want a cashless society, but also to ensure that payments can be made in emergency and crisis situations.

“Basically, this is about not being excluded from being able to pay,” said Niklas Wykman, Minister for Financial Markets.

In other words, the Swedish government is looking at FORCING shops to accept cash. This goes against the whole cashless agenda that we have been seeing lately.

This new move from Sweden is very good news.

Because in a cashless society it would become very easy for the government to control what you can and cannot buy. Paired with a digital ID and a digital wallet, we are looking at a dystopian future where dissidents can be banned from participating in society.

Surprisingly, Sweden has suddenly begun to do a lot of things right.”

Someone posted a few of the recent statistics where Countries’ citizens are going against the cashless agenda.

“Germany: More than 60% of transactions are made in cash, and the Country has no plans to phase out cash in the near future.

US: The number of cash transactions increased by 7% in 2022.

UK: The number of cash payments rose by 7% in 2022.
*This is the first time in a decade that cash usage has increased in the country.

Switzerland: They still prefer cash for their daily transactions, with around 36% of transactions being made in cash in 2022.”

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