Study Suggests that Brushing Your Teeth at a Certain Time of Day Can Help You Live Longer!

Study Suggests that Brushing Your Teeth at a Certain Time of Day Can Help You Live Longer!

According to a brand new study, if you want to live a long life, you should pay close attention to your oral health as it appears to be a contributing factor.

Of course, as you may be aware, whether you live for a long time or not, there are many reasons for it.

Some of them, perhaps the most obvious ones, seem to be linked to genetics, so it sometimes may appear as if you don’t have much control over your longevity.

However, that is far from the truth as there are many other factors that can contribute as well, including your diet, vices or, hopefully, lack thereof and even your teeth brushing routine!

The new research that suggests this, was published in the Journal of Aging and proves how important good oral health is if you want to live a long life.

The researchers say that “In the last decade the effect of oral health on the general health and mortality of elderly people has attracted attention.”

As part of the study, they looked into the dental health behaviors and dentition of 5,611 older adults from 1992 to 2009 to determine the associations to all-cause mortality.

Furthermore, they calculated the risk estimates separately for women and men.

With that being said, they determined that brushing your teeth before bed, at night, is a “significant” longevity factor.

Not only that but they also found that using dental floss every day and also going to the dentist regularly contributed to longevity significantly as well.

In addition, not brushing your teeth at night increases the risk by 20 to 35 percent when compared to just brushing every day.

Never flossing also increased the risk by 30 percent when compared to flossing every day.

Finally, the study revealed that not visiting the dentist for more than 12 months increases the risk by 30 to 50 percent as opposed to seeing one twice or more during that time period.

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