Severe Flooding in Tennessee Kills 15 People

Severe Flooding in Tennessee Kills 15 People

Floods represent a serious problem in the USA. Each year, such phenomenons are forcing roughly 75,000 Americans out of their houses. Also, 127 people are killed every year on average. These sad stats are brought by Weather Explained.

According to CNN, the middle part of Tennessee has been dealing with severe flooding that has killed a minimum of 15 people and left about 30 missing. Five to seven of those missing people are children. Even two toddlers were among those who passed away. Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis brought these terrible details.

Tennessee Emergency Management is helping to set up shelters

The Tennessee Emergency Management is helping to set up shelters, and it reveals that some of the counties impacted by the floods are Houston, Humphreys, Dickson, and Hickman. A curfew will remain active, according to Davis. Drivers are urged not to cross flood roads.

Davis said as quoted by CNN:

We would rather just ask you not to come into Waverly if you don’t have to,

It helps us control that and minimize the dangers that we have.

The Tennesse National Guard was deploying about 50 soldiers, a Blackhawk helicopter, as well as tactical vehicles and Humvees to deal with the terrible situation of the flooding.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Holmes declared as quoted by CNN:

Our first priority is to assist with getting responders access to the area and conduct rescue operations,

We’ll continue to increase the number of forces as the situation dictates and we’ll be positioning additional specialty units to respond as needed.

The Middle Tennesse Region consists of 38 counties that are located east of the Tennessee River and also west of the Eastern Time Zone boundary. While the region mainly consists of rolling hills, it also includes the major rivers Cumberland and Tennessee.


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