Putin says Russia has New, Indestructible Nuclear Weapons

Putin says Russia has New, Indestructible Nuclear Weapons

During one of his speeches for a fourth presidential term, Putin declared that Russia now has nuclear weapons that can reach any place in the world. He did this by providing visual representation of two of the newest nuclear delivery systems which he stated that could go undetected. For example, one of the graphics looked like the missiles were going to land in the state of Florida. Another graphic that he presented to the public showed a submarine missile that could easily deploy a nuclear warhead. US Pentagon’s response was to assure people that they are ready for anything and that they should not panic because they are not surprised by Putin’s new statements.

Opposition Leader cannot vote

It is already expected that Vladimir Putin is going to win the election again. He is running against 7 other candidates but the distance between them cannot be clearer as those 7 participated in a televised election debate that was broadcast on Wednesday while he did not. Alexei Navalny, the most known opposition leader has not been allowed to run in the presidential election. It seems that things are very tricky to understand when it comes to the presidential elections in Russia.

Putin’s plan

Until now, Vladimir Putin has refrained from having a very large political campaign. The previous 13 state of the nation addresses that he delivered was quite normal, compared to the 14th one which was out of the ordinary.

Vladimir Putin decided to deliver a speech on Russia’s newest strategic weapons in front of a screen that was showing all of these weapons to the audience. He continued to wow the audience by telling them and showing video proof about cruise missiles, supersonic jets and underwater drones. The messages that he delivered were clear: Russia is not a nation to be trifled with and people should vote for him if they want national security.

What is he going to do about poverty?

The first part of Vladimir Putin’s speech was focused on how he is going to deal with working-class issues. What he promised is that he is going to cut down poverty levels in half during the next six years and that he wants like-expectancy rates to be as high as those of Japanese or French people. He also wanted to add that he is going to try to invest as much as possible on roads and less accidents happening. Moreover, he is aware and is going to work on getting people in remote areas to have a better access to healthcare and internet connections.

Are the weapons he presented a hoax?

Some may say that Vladimir Putin’s statement regarding the heavy-duty weaponry that Russia now has could have been done as a form of an indirect response to President’s Trumps recent declarations in the media that the United States has some of the most state of the art weaponry systems. We should also note that the systems that Russia has, the ones able to evade anti-missile defenses, are also being developed in a similar manner by China and the United States.

What about new forms of technology?

Mr. Putin was more than aware that Russia could also evolve on a digital level. He stated that he is interested in Russia becoming one of the largest data storage hubs in the world. Moreover, he found that artificial intelligence should also be researched more by Russian scientists.

In conclusion, Vladimir Putin’s speech provides a very detailed outlook on what he is planning to do in the next 6 years and it seems that he is certainly going to gain the support of Russian citizens.


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