Prepare for the “Nicholas” Hurricane, as It Approaches a Texas Gulf Coast Landfall

Prepare for the “Nicholas” Hurricane, as It Approaches a Texas Gulf Coast Landfall

The US has had plenty of hurricanes to deal with lately. Another one is approaching a Texas Gulf Coast landfall, and it has been dubbed as “Nicholas”. The National Hurricane Center recently upgraded Nicholas to the state of a hurricane, according to
Nicholas will become the second mainland hurricane landfall of the season in the US. About two weeks ago, the powerful Ida hurricane caused 111 deaths, as it falls into the “Category 4 Atlantic hurricane” category. Furthermore, the devastating event produced damages of roughly $50 billion.
As revealed by the BBC, the tropical storm Nicolas has hit Texas and Louisiana, causing heavy rain. Furthermore, reports that over 360,000 power outages occurred across Texas. President Joe Biden even declared an emergency in Louisiana.
Sylvester Turner, who is the Mayor of Houston, declared in a news conference, as quoted by the BBC:

Take things seriously and prepare,

This is primarily a rain event and we don’t know how much rain we will be getting.

The Ida hurricane affected the following areas: Louisiana, the Gulf Coast of the USA, Cuba, and more. even writes that two weeks after the Ida hurricane, tens of thousands of people from Louisiana are still lacking electrical power.

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