More U.S Residents Are Getting Vaccinated as Delta Variant Continues to Spread

More U.S Residents Are Getting Vaccinated as Delta Variant Continues to Spread

Last week the vaccination rate in the U.S reached the 70% threshold, projected for the beginning of July. President Biden had set the 70% goal for Independence Day, but the vaccination campaign has a slower pace in certain states. However, the Delta variant has been responsible for a surge in the number of new daily infections. Just this week, the average of new cases of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is 84,349. 

There has been a 64.1% increase in the number of new cases

Compared with last week, the current 7-day average presented by the CDC is 66,606. The numbers are quite high when we compare them with June when the 7-day moving average was 11,483. More than 34,722,631 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported since the end of July (28).

More U.S citizens are getting inoculated due to the spread of the Delta variant

Although many states have had a low vaccination rate, there has been a slight increase, as noted by Walgreens. More and more people started to understand that this new dominant strain is not easy to control without reaching herd immunity. In some states such as Florida, Texas, Kentucky and Alabama, the vaccination rate increased by 30%, which is good news, considering that President Biden has been unpleased with how the state and local authorities handled the vaccination campaign in those areas. 

The Delta variant continues to spread

Although there has been a slight increase in vaccinations, the Delta strain affects both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. However, fully vaccinated individuals will experience mild symptoms if they do get the virus. Those who remain unvaccinated need to know that there have been 46% more hospitalizations, and around 296 people die weekly due to the coronavirus.  



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