Liberals Are Sacrificing Farmers For Nothing – Canada Shows Zero Net Change In Emissions By 2030

Liberals Are Sacrificing Farmers For Nothing – Canada Shows Zero Net Change In Emissions By 2030

It looks like the liberals are trying to sacrifice farmers for nothing. Canada’s own environmentalists are showing the fact that the emissions will see a zero net change by 2030. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Farmers are sacrificed for nothing

Here is a relevant post that has been shared on X:

According to TNC News, the Liberal government’s fertilizer emission reduction target will lead to zero net change in emissions by the year 2030.

Environment Canada’s recently published “Greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions projections – 2023“ report has “raised eyebrows regarding the effectiveness of certain federal government climate policies, particularly in the agricultural sector,” they note.

It has been also revealed that despite the implementation of the federal government’s goal to reduce fertilizer emissions, Ottawa’s projections suggest that there will be no net reduction in emissions by the goal year.

The key focus lies on the “Additional Measures Scenario,” – this encompasses the Liberal government’s ambitious target to slash fertilizer emissions by 30% below 2020 levels by the end of this decade.

It was also revealed the fact that a deeper dive into the data was able to reveal an inconvenient reality for the federal Liberals: “The projected emissions for 2030 under this scenario remain stagnant at 48 million metric tons of CO2, the same level historically recorded in 2020.”

Someone commented: “Fertilizer reduction = less food, period. 30% less fertilizer = mass world starvation. Plain and simple. Seems like this aligns with the WEF culling of the herd.”

According to the same publication, agrologist and CEO of AgvisorPRO told the House of Commons Environment Committee in Oct. 2022 that a 30% reduction in agricultural emissions, if it were to be achieved, would amount to a reduction of only about 0.0028% of 1% to global greenhouse gases.

“It’s recognized that Canada produces about 1.6% of the global emissions. Agriculture is about 10% of Canada’s emissions, and fertilizer is 17% of agriculture’s emissions or 1.75% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions,” explained Saik.

He continued and highlighted the following:

“So, if we reduced our emissions by 30% in Canada from all fertilizer sources, it would amount to 0.0028%.”

We suggest that you check out the complete article posted by TNC News in order to learn more details about this.

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