It’s Summertime On Saturn – New Image From Hubble Space Telescope

It’s Summertime On Saturn – New Image From Hubble Space Telescope

While we’re struggling here on Earth with the novel coronavirus and the disaster that the pandemic triggered, the summertime on Saturn is a bit different. It’s been just revealed that the Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture an incredibly clear image of the ringed planet on July 4th when it was at about 839 million miles from our planet, according to NASA. 

The rings appear very detailed in the photo 

The image shows the rings in very clear details and, at the same time, is also highlights various small atmospheric storms that come and go.

Fox News quotes NASA and says, “The banding in the northern hemisphere remains pronounced as seen in Hubble’s 2019 observations, with several bands slightly changing color from year to year.”

NASA said that “The ringed planet’s atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium with traces of ammonia, methane, water vapor, and hydrocarbons that give it a yellowish-brown color.”

The website mentioned above also noted that the reddish haze that’s in the northern atmosphere is due to the increased heat coming from the sunlight which changes the circulation of the atmosphere or removes ices from aerosols according to the latest reports from NASA.

“It’s amazing that even over a few years, we’re seeing seasonal changes on Saturn,” lead investigator Amy Simon of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said.

You should check out more info in Fox News’ original article

NASA researches the changes of the novel coronavirus makes for Earth 

NASA made headlines earlier as well when it’s been revealed that the pandemic has been affecting a lot of aspects of human life and in recent months, and NASA has been trying to research it all. The space agency has initiated all kinds of projects that are focused on the human response to the pandemic and how this affected our environment.

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