Ice Cream Is Actually Good for Your Health!

Ice Cream Is Actually Good for Your Health!

This might just be one of the most unbelievable scientific discoveries ever! That being said, it’s quite good news, especially to those with a sweet tooth or those who particularly enjoy ice cream a lot but are scared of eating it too often and ruining their health as a result.

As it turns out, it’s very well possible that ice cream is not all that unhealthy – in fact, it might even be good for you!

This claim is based on the unreported association between ice cream and greater health and is much more extensively explored in an essay in The Atlantic’s May issue you can check out here if you want to know more.

Writer David Merritt Johns explains that it all started with a tip that he received, according to which back in 2018, “a Harvard doctoral student by the name of Andres Ardisson Korat was presenting his research on the link between dairy foods and chronic disease to the thesis committee. One of his studies led him to an unusual conclusion. For diabetics, eating half a cup of ice cream daily was associated with a lower risk of heart problems.”

As you can probably imagine, the idea seemed just as unbelievable to the expert as it is to anybody else.

“Needless to say, the idea a dessert full of saturated fats and sugar might be good for you raised some eyebrows at the country’s most influential department of nutrition,” noted the expert.

Could it really be so? Well, as it turns out, Korat was not even the first researcher to discover a link between ice cream consumption and good health but for some reason, no one really wants to talk about it!

That being said, Johns also wrote about yet another, older research from the Harvard Medical School that discovered how “dairy-based desserts were associated for overweight people with dramatically reduced odds of developing insulin-resistance syndrome.”

It was not well received by the nutritional epidemiology community. They didn’t actually believe it, so they downplayed that finding and emphasized something else instead – yogurt’s health advantages!


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