Grammar Experts Warn Against Using 15 Outdated and Overused Words and Phrases

Grammar Experts Warn Against Using 15 Outdated and Overused Words and Phrases

If you’re not an intelligent person, perhaps it would be a good idea to try to sound like one. And at least for the second part, it’s indeed feasible. However, most of us like to think highly of ourselves and wouldn’t possibly deal with the possibility that we might not be intelligent. But the reality is always there to contradict many of us, unfortunately.

It’s also an undeniable fact that many of us would use improving and practicing our verbal skills a lot. The grammar experts from had made a list of words and phrases that shouldn’t exist anymore in 2022 after they’ve been speaking with employees, managers, and recruiters.


  • Bandwith: “bandwidth” is no more related to computer usage only, which is annoying and easily avoidable.
  • End-user: this computer term spread to more general use as well, becoming dehumanizing and impersonal. It can be replaced very easily with much more realistic words.
  • Granular
  • Hack: Nowadays, hacking doesn’t refer only to sneaking into someone’s personal online business. The term is also used in all sorts of situations, and that’s annoying.
  • “I did a thing”
  • “It is what it is”
  • Influencer: Anybody with a social media account and some followers is called an “influencer” these days. Is that really necessary?
  • Jab: this word means either an injection or a quick and sharp blow. “Jab” is used for describing a serious thing. But since COVID vaccinations might become even more prevalent and for a long time, the grammar experts believe that we still should simply be calling them “shots”.
  • The new normal: this phrase has been used especially during the COVID era, but we can all agree that “normal” is extremely relative. Therefore, “the new normal” is practically useless.
  • Pivot: this is one of the most overused words in 2021. Shifting direction in a major way is no longer the main meaning of the word “pivoting”.
  • Take it offline: instead of talking about it later, many people now prefer to “take things offline”, unfortunately.
  • Thought leader: saying simply “leader” would be enough.
  • “We remain cautious”: this phrase is considered unnecessary as well.
  • WFH: this term refers to work from home, and it started when everybody needed such an activity. However, it also became overused.
  • Zooming: it refers to video conferencing.

Do you have any other suggestions of words and phrases that have become overused and need to be avoided?


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