Fourth Covid Wave From Europe Is Coming To Emirates

Fourth Covid Wave From Europe Is Coming To Emirates

The president of Emirates said that he is seeing a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic that’s coming from Europe. 

Speaking to CNBC at the Dubai Air Show, Emirates President Tim Clark said: “I see a fourth wave coming through and we have all sorts of concerns about what may happen.”

“We’ve got to look at it very carefully, because if the European markets — which have already started to open in a big way — start to go the other way we’re going to have to deal with that. But we will deal with it … we’re very good at working around problems, and we’ll just do what we have to do,” he told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble.

Germany reports new corona cases 

Earlier this month, the WHO warned that Europe was the epicenter of the pandemic. 

The region’s biggest economy, Germany, reported around 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day, and France has also reported a surge in cases.

Austria has been reported to expect to shortly impose lockdown restrictions on millions of unvaccinated people in an effort to contain rising infections.


CNBC also revealed that Clark said that Emirates was already experiencing a significant pick-up in demand and had started to turn a profit.

“We’re bouncing back with a high degree of, dare I say, robustness,” he said.

He continued and said the following: 

“Demand is coming back at such a pace that we’re frankly having difficulty trying to supply the assets because we’re short of pilots, we’re short of cabin crew, we’re short of just about everything. But there’s no shortage of demand, it’s a really good story.”

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Coronavirus in the news 

Terrible news that freaked out the whole world is making headlines these days. And the source is none other than China. Check out the latest reports that CNN revealed.

Their article begins by saying that a dog was slaughtered in China while his owner was in a nearby hotel to quarantine during Covid 19. 

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