Expert Notes Disease Itself Won’t Be the Real ‘Weapon’ in Next Pandemic

Expert Notes Disease Itself Won’t Be the Real ‘Weapon’ in Next Pandemic

We kept reporting about the latest details on Disease X, a disease that is seemingly planned by the WHO, WEF, and more elitist entities since they keep preparing us for it. Check out the latest reports that have surfaced about the matter below.

Disease itself will not be the real weapon in the next pandemic

According to the latest details, this week, global leaders met at the World Economic Forum to discuss “Disease X,” a hypothetical pathogen that could usher in a new—and deadlier—pandemic.
But to disease experts like Dr. Richard Urso, it’s nothing novel.
“I’m not really that worried,” he told Frontline Health.
“It literally took me two hours to figure [COVID-19] out…If they make something really deadly, it won’t spread that easily,” he said. Urso alluded to the possibility that the next deadly pathogen may likely originate from a lab rather than nature.
“At the end of the day, the disease itself won’t be the real weapon. It’ll be the vaccine,” he said.
Urso is a drug design and treatment specialist, an ophthalmologist, and former chief of orbital oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Check out the complete video in order to learn all the important details about what the doctor has to reveal.

Disease X in the news all over

The WEF said that the countries have to sign up for the WHO pandemic treaty in order to be prepared for Disease X.

Here is the relevant tweet:

Speaking of COVID and the vaccines, it really looks like Bill Gates has massive plans for humanity. He just said that the next-gen COVID vaccines will have a much longer duration, and they will be using patches instead of needles. Check out the video to see for yourself what he has to say.

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