Europe Plans Stricter Restrictions Due To Omicron Covid Variant

Europe Plans Stricter Restrictions Due To Omicron Covid Variant

The Omicron covid variant keeps making headlines these days.

Deseret online publication notes that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. People have an idea of what Omicron symptoms look like for infected people.

“The ZOE COVID Study, which has analyzed thousands of COVID-19 cases and reported on symptoms of those cases, has revealed the top symptoms for people who were infected with the coronavirus at the time when the omicron variant likely started to spread,” according to CNBC.

The symptoms really seem to be similar to other coronavirus variants. Check out the top five symptoms. 

Runny nose.
Fatigue (either mild or severe).
Sore throat.

Some experts say that considering the mild symptoms, there’s no need for such massive panic like the one we’ve seen going on all over the world. But more and more restrictions are coming in some countries from the EU. 

New restrictions across Europe

It’s been just reported that European countries such as the UK and Germany are bracing themselves due to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. This appears to be more transmissible than previous variants.


In the UK, British newspaper The Times reported British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may introduce new restrictions, which would come into effect on December 28.

“These measures may include a ban on indoor gatherings between two or more households and restaurants being open for outdoor service only. Johnson said Monday that he will not rule out anything in the fight against COVID, and noted omicron hospitalizations are surging in London.”

DW reported that Germany is expected to introduce new measures in the coming days:

“such as limiting private gatherings to 10 people, according to a draft document seen by DW. These curbs will also be implemented on the December 28.”

Check out more details in the original article. 

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