Electronic Cigarettes Are Just Not Enough!

Electronic Cigarettes Are Just Not Enough!

The new trend among the traditional smokers who want to quit smoking is to switch to electronic cigarettes. However, a new study conducted by the researchers at the University of Otago shows that this solution is not the best one, yet.

Smoking versus Vaping

Smoking is a bad habit and we all know it. Years ago, the authorities from every corner of the world took measures against traditional smoking, from banning smoking in public places to forbidding cigarettes commercials on TV. Even though, many people are still smoking.

Recently, the electronic cigarettes became popular and many producers chose to advertise their products as a way to quit traditional smoking and move to a healthy way of smoking.

However, many studies showed that vaping (the action of smoking from an electronic cigarette) is not as safe as many believe and may also be as dangerous as the traditional smoking.

A new study shows that vaping is not enough to quit smoking

According to doctor Richardson, the author of the study, many switched to electronic cigarettes as an attempt to quit regular cigarettes smoking but, as they were not satisfied by the vaping act, they ended up smoking and vaping, at the same time.

Another study published a couple of days ago in England, showed that smoking less is still causing health problems but not as much as smoking a whole pack per day.

Dr. Richardson, however, considers that the E-Cigs’ manufacturers should implement new vaping devices that are capable to mimic the traditional smoking, 1-on-1, as a method to help smokers quit traditional smoking, for good.

People chose to vape over smoking because is cheaper

According to the new study, the reasons why the majority of people switched to vaping were related to the increasing prices of the regular cigarettes and to the restrictions smokers face.

The study author concluded that if traditional smoker would have a similar experience when vaping, then more of them will ditch smoking cigarettes.


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